Bradhart Products Adds New Equipment to an Already Impressive Stable of State-of-the-Art Machines

Strategic machinery investments have added capacity while keeping the precision machining services company at the forefront of quality and efficiency.

Brighton, Michigan -- By nature and definition a precision machining services company never stops looking for ways to improve their capabilities. This relentless drive for excellence is what motivates Bradhart Products to continue investing in new tools and equipment.

Practically speaking, machining specialists like Bradhart are defined by two things: the knowledge of their people and the limitations of their machines. With a highly qualified team of engineers, Bradhart has a tremendous base of knowledge and experience. The most recent equipment investments continue to push Bradhart well past the limits of most of their competitors.

In recent months the company has added four significant pieces of stat-of-the-art equipment: two CNC Multi-Axis Machining Centers, one Dual-Vibratory Finishing Machine and one Video-Based Measurement System. The two CNC Machining Centers provide additional capacity while also allowing Bradhart to accommodate highly complex part configurations. The Finishing System was purchased in direct response to increased orders for large diameter parts that require delicate handling. Finally the Video Measurement System uses new and refined technology to ensure all components meet the stringent quality standards of Bradhart Products.

Craig Winbigler, Vice President at the company, said the following in regards to the recently acquired equipment: “A lot of the processes and techniques for making bearing cages and other precision parts have not changed significantly for many years. What has changed is the degree to which machines are able to produce precise parts in an efficient & repeatable manner. This is why we continue to replace and update our equipment, because the bottom line is our commitment to invest reflects our commitment to our customers – we give them the exact parts they order every time.”

Since 1962 Bradhart Products has demonstrated a commitment to manufacturing parts to their customers exact engineering specifications. They have carefully developed processes for ensuring this occurs and boast a 99.98% defect free quality record. This is all the more remarkable when you consider the parts they manufacture are measured down to the 0.0001 inch! Based in Brighton, Michigan, Bradhart Products manufactures bearing cages & retainers, shafts, specialized products, assemblies and milling work for companies all over the world. These precision parts are used for a variety of applications across several industries including Aerospace, Medical, Transportation & Industrial, Security & Defense and Power & Energy. Contact Bradhart at (248) 437-8700 or visit online at to learn more.

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