Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX® Successfully Integrated into Teradyne In-Circuit Tester

Jena / Munich - At the Electronica 2007 trade show in Munich, Germany, GOEPEL electronic, a worldwide leading vendor of JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions compliant with IEEE Std. 1149.x, will introduce a JTAG/Boundary Scan integration option for the Teradyne TestStation(TM) in-circuit tester (ICT) series.

The solution has been developed based on an OEM agreement, utilizing specifically designed SCANFLEX® devices in combination with the JTAG/Boundary Scan system software CASCON GALAXY®, and is officially certified and approved by Teradyne.

"An unaltered reuse of all Boundary Scan test and programming procedures, generated during product development in the laboratory, in production test has highest priority for our customers", says Bettina Richter, Marketing and International Sales Manager for GOEPEL electronic. "In particular, the system-specific developed SCANFLEX® interface hardware enables us to offer our customers a professional Boundary Scan solution for integration on a Teradyne ICT, providing an easy installation and excellent signal quality and performance."

Teradyne's in-circuit test marketing director, Christopher McNally, said, "We are pleased to host SCANFLEX's rich, high-speed Boundary Scan environment, and its efficient test architecture adds a new dimension of flexible performance to the TestStation. It is consistent with our product strategy to accommodate a variety of valuable test technology solutions to increase the scalable capabilities of TestStation and the choices available to our customers worldwide."

The integrated hardware includes a SCANFLEX® PCI controller with a programmable TCK frequency of up to 20MHz (SFX/PCI1149-A) or up to 50MHz (SFX/PCI1149-B), controlling a plug-in SCANFLEX® TAP Transceiver specifically designed for the Teradyne ICT.

Three different types of TAP Transceivers with four single-ended TAP, eight single-ended TAP, or four differential TAP, respectively, are available. All TAP Transceivers also provide 32 parallel I/O channels. All signals are available on the native ICT fixture interface and can be isolated from the fixture probes through relays. This integration approach, in conjunction with numerous programmable TAP and PIO parameters, guarantees a high test throughput with minimum contact and wiring problems. The integration's functionality is further optimized through fully automated handling of available software and hardware resources, which is important especially for in-line applications.

The integrated Boundary Scan development and execution software package CASCON GALAXY® is linked with the ICT software via the comprehensive CASCON API (CASCON Application Programming Interface). Therefore, all Boundary Scan operations, including any post processing of test result files, are fully embedded into the overall test flow and are controlled by the ICT program. With a Floating License installation, the Boundary Scan software could also be shared between several Teradyne ICT machines, providing flexibility at a minimum capital investment.

In order to meet different performance requirements, a selection between six differently preconfigured integration packages incl. hardware and software is possible. The first integration applications will be shipped in December 2006. Additional integrations, among others into Teradyne's Spectrum(TM) in-circuit tester, are under development.

First public demonstrations of the SCANFLEX integration on a Teradyne TestStation can be experienced at Electronica 2006 in Munich/Germany at Teradyne and GOEPEL electronic stands A1 370 and A1 542, respectively.

GOEPEL electronic, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Jena/Germany, is a worldwide leading vendor of innovative JTAG / Boundary Scan / IEEE 1149.x solutions, offering mature software tools in an integrated development environment, high-performance Boundary Scan controllers and accessories, as well as comprehensive product support and value added services. The company of 120 employees generated a revenue of more than 13 million EURO in 2005, maintaining support and sales offices in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. An extended distribution and service network of more than 300 specialists ensures excellent local and on-site customer support for more than 4,500 worldwide system installations. GOEPEL electronic has continuously been ISO9001 certified since 1996 and has been honoured with TOP-JOB and TOP-100 awards for being one of the best medium-sized companies in Germany. GOEPEL electronic's products won several awards in recent years and are used by the leading companies in telecommunication, automotive, space and avionics, industrial controls, medical technology, and other industries. Further information about the "2006 Best-in-Test" award winner can be found on the Internet at

Teradyne (NYSE:TER) is a leading supplier of Automatic Test Equipment used to test complex electronics used in the consumer electronics, automotive, computing, telecommunications, and aerospace and defense industries. In 2005, Teradyne had sales of $1.08 billion, and currently employs about 3,800 people worldwide. For more information, visit Teradyne® is a registered trademark of Teradyne, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. TestStation and other product names are trademarks of Teradyne, Inc. (including its subsidiaries) or their respective owners.

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