Bosch Pharmaceutical Division at Interphex 2006:Bosch Leads the way in Custom Made RABS and Isolator System Technology

Customized Isolators and Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS)
Provides increased sterility assurance and overall risk reduction
Offers a cost-effective custom solution to conventional cleanrooms
Integration Advantage allows seamless integration with filling equipment

Bosch Packaging Technology is the only company in the industry to offer complete lines of both Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS) and Isolators that are fully integrated with Bosch filling equipment for use in automated filling applications. Bosch's Advanced Aseptic Processing equipment works to fully separate the product from production personnel-increasing sterility assurance and reducing overall risk.

Certain production environments, such as pharmaceutical filling applications, require varying degrees of cleanliness and sterility. Bosch's custom designed RABS and Isolators protect products from organism and particle contamination. Not only does Bosch offer both systems, but also helps customers determine which method best suits their process requirements. RABS units feature rigid glass or plexiglass wall enclosures and overhead HEPA filters. Glove ports, sleeves and gloves are secured to the walls using well-designed and reliable seals for indirect product access. Users may introduce pre-sterilized equipment and parts through the built-in transfer system or double door airlocks. Built-in doors provide users with access to the chamber. Closed RABS are also available for use with toxic or highly potent product applications. Isolators offer added separation and sterility for environments requiring more stringent cleanroom processes. Walls are sealed with no access via doors during processing, ensuring complete product containment. Isolators also include a built-in filtration system and bio-decontamination system for automated sanitization. Automated cleaning capabilities (clean-in-place) are also available.

Bosch barrier systems begin at the packaging system design phase and are fully customized for each unique application. Chambers are built in correlation with Bosch filling systems for a more compact and cost-effective alternative to conventional cleanrooms. Mock-up designs are created in parallel with machine building and user tested to ensure the most functional, efficient solution. Bosch Barrier systems are also fully integrated with Bosch filling equipment for a unique Integration Advantage, allowing all systems to function together in one seamless operation. Users are also assured ease of use with a single control system that interfaces to all machine parts, including the filler, barrier and bio-decontamination system.

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