Bosch Helps University of Glamorgan Switch to IP CCTV

Technology from Bosch Security Systems is playing a central role in a major new CCTV installation by CDS (Computerised & Digital Security Systems) at the University of Glamorgan as it migrates its existing analogue CCTV system over to IP.

The system, specified by the University in conjunction with specialist consultants Global MSC Security, is an entirely Bosch-based solution comprising primarily fully-functional high-speed domes and associated transmission and digital recording technologies.

"We had a tape-based analogue system installed seven years ago and in need of upgrading for which we received funding from the directorate. We were looking specifically to migrate to an IP-based system not only for the main campus, but also to cover the remote campus nearby," explains Dave Mann, security manager at the University "We used to have a microwave link between the two but this wasn't reliable, and having merged with Merthyr Tydfil College and opening a new faculty of creative & cultural industries in Cardiff, we needed a system that could use the existing IT infrastructure, and could be easily expanded in the future"

"With our consultants we specified a compatible hardware and software solution. CDS proposed an all-Bosch system, and after further presentations from the installer and Bosch, we awarded the contract to CDS. As part of the tender we brought in our security staff who would be using the system to see how easy it was to work with. They were united in their praise for the Bosch technology, which has already resulted in a number of successes in protecting our staff and students" Dave adds.

The CCTV system to date includes some 70 cameras, primarily EnviroDomes and FlexiDomes as well as a handful of fixed cameras. EnviroDomes are an integral part of Bosch's AutoDome range, featuring its motion tracking capability AutoTrack. Rugged in design and ideally suited for perimeter surveillance, car parks and other similar outdoor applications, EnviroDomes feature Day/night cameras that automatically switch from colour to monochrome when light levels decrease to give extra sensitivity, whilst high-resolution cameras with optical zoom of up to 25x capture the finest detail.

FlexiDomes utilise advanced 15-bit imaging technology, already proven in its Dinion cameras to exploit the full potential of today's imaging chips. With their 540 TV-line resolution, FlexiDome cameras are able to produce sharp and detailed images and handle difficult lighting conditions, including an Auto Black feature to counteract the effects of fog or glare, NightSense to compensate for fading light, and backlight compensation to ensure clear images when viewing entrances.

As well as cameras, Bosch provided single channel encoders, eight channel encoders, Networked Video Recorders (NVRs), Raid 5 storage units, and pre-configured workstations with all ancillaries such as keyboards. As well as hardware, it also provided all of the appropriate operational software and storage management software.

"Initial cost was not the deciding factor in going with Bosch," Dave adds "We looked at the whole total cost of ownership over a 10-year plan, where the quality and reliability of the technology was critical, and could see the value in buying Bosch. We needed a system also where we can add further cameras either permanently or temporarily as required, and the Bosch-based solution gives us the flexibility we are looking for. We were also attracted by the three-year warranty"

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