Borries Introduces High-speed Drives for Its Markers

Ann Arbor, MI - A new generation of high-speed motor drives for its programmable dot peen and scribe marking machines has been introduced by Borries Marking Systems. These drives replace the costlier, more complex servo drive systems, which were the existing high-speed alternative for marking situations.

The new markers utilize an enhanced, high-speed stepper motor drive system, which cuts cycle time in half-or more. The drives, developed in response to automotive industry demands for faster production rates (with lower machine cycle times), are exemplified by automotive stamping plants, where marking is done at a rate of 12 characters-at a height of 5 mm-in three seconds.

In addition to the new systems, which reduce cycle times and increase throughput, Borries also offers retrofit packages for existing machines.

Higher speed drives can be installed in these units either in the field-as retrofit kits-or at the Borries factory. This provides users a low-cost solution for increasing marking speeds without the expense of purchasing a completely new

The high-speed drives are capable of being translated into various marking technologies: Scribe Marking, which is suited to almost any three-dimensional,
deformable configuration and provides an easily-readable continuous-line mark;
Stylus Marking, which uses a fast-vibrating needle technology, producing a minimal force on any three-dimensional material; Dot Matrix Marking, which is similar to the two technologies mentioned above, but produces a visible dotted appearance; and DataMatrix Marking, which produces camera-legible 2D codes (ECC 200 standard) with the same type of tool as the dot matrix.

These high-speed drives are available for the full line of Borries programmable
dot peen and scribe machines, including the simplest integrated date stampers
to the more complex VIN marking systems.

For more information, contact Don Hubchik, Borries Marking Systems, 3744 Plaza Drive, Suite 1C, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Telephone 734-761-9549; fax 734-761-1171; e-mail

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