BorPure(TM) RJ766MO Makes Bra Plast AB's Thin Wall Food Packaging a Success

With the introduction of its BorPure(TM) RJ766MO grade in December 2011, Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions, has provided another answer to the ever increasing requirements of the thin wall food packaging market. BorPure RJ766MO has already proven its value as a solutions provider and market maker for Bra Plast AB, an independent Swedish specialist in injection moulded containers for the food industry.

Success in today's highly competitive marketplace depends on the optimal combination of aesthetics, performance, productivity and sustainability. The polypropylene (PP) random copolymer BorPure RJ766MO aims to fulfil the end users' evolving demands and environmental considerations and to meet the commercial imperatives of the entire value chain.

Improved end-use performance
Since its launch, BorPure RJ766MO's success is evident in its early adoption by Bra Plast AB, amongst others. Continuously striving to make the best solutions available to its customers, Bra Plast AB recognised that the excellent organoleptic properties offered by the new product fit directly with end users' expressed needs for improved low odour and low taste food packaging performance.

With production focused primarily on transparent thin wall packaging, BorPure RJ766MO offered the company an important advantage in the form of a high melt flow rate (MFR) of 70. Good flowability is critical to high-speed, quality thin wall mouldings. Previously Bra Plast AB had been experiencing processing difficulties with the low MFR materials available in the market for these types of application. Furthermore the high flow characteristics of BorPure RJ766MO allow for faster cycle time at lower processing temperatures and consequently lower energy usage.

In addition to excellent organoleptics and greatly improved processing, BorPure RJ766MO, based on proprietary Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT) and Borstar® polymerisation technology, also provides an optimised balance of mechanical properties. These include good drop impact resistance at ambient temperatures as well as good top load resistance and stackability.

"It's not enough simply to look good or be fit-for-purpose or be economic to produce," says Tommy Larsson, Manager of Bra Plast AB. "All criteria must be met consistently; our reputation for being able to deliver large quantities of high quality packaging at very short notice depends on it. This latest addition to the BorPure product family supports us in bringing easily reproducible, improved organoleptic packaging solutions to our customers."

Partnering solutions and benefits
"Bra Plast AB was involved with us in early testing of the new grade and their feedback, particularly in respect of processing properties, made a useful contribution to our development work," comments Nicholas Kolesch, Borealis Marketing Manager Business Unit Moulding. "We believe there are a lot of benefits to be gained by working with customers in the development of new products and our collaboration with Bra Plast AB is a further confirmation. These are benefits that ultimately extend throughout the value chain."

With its most recent addition of RJ766MO, the Borealis family of BorPure organoleptic PP random copolymer grades, which also includes RG466MO (MFR 30) and RJ377MO (MFR 45), provides a wide spectrum of solution possibilities for transparent thin wall consumer packaging.

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