Boring System eliminates need for secondary operations.

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Using rigid interlocking combination of adapters, extensions, and boring heads, URMA IntraMax(TM) Modular Boring System offers rough and finish boring in one pass. This reduces floor-to-floor cycle and machine changeover times. Fluid-driven New Axis(TM) Right Angle Heads and New Axis(TM) Keyway Cutter allow operators to machine in tight spaces and cut keyways on machining center without moving to secondary milling or broaching operations.

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New 'Single Operation' Machining Tools Increase Productivity, Reduce Cycle Times

Ramsey, MN-July 1, 2004-Command Tooling Systems has introduced three new productivity tools that eliminate secondary operations, slashing floor-to-floor cycle and machine changeover times. The URMA IntraMax(TM) Modular Boring System offers rough and finish boring of large, deep holes in a single pass, while the innovative, fluid-driven New Axis(TM) Right Angle Heads and New Axis(TM) Keyway Cutter allow operators to machine in tight spaces and cut keyways on the machining center without moving to a secondary milling or broaching operation.

"These tools are time and money-savers," said Steve Lovendahl, URMA product manager. "You can eliminate the time for an extra operation, as well as the cost of extra tools- and they can easily pass through any machine tool changer."

The URMA IntraMax(TM) Modular Boring System allows users to assemble the right boring tool for any application with a rigid interlocking combination of adapters, extensions and boring heads. By varying the size of diameter extenders, the same roughing and fine boring heads can be used for inside boring diameters from 1.9 to 14 inches on either a 40 or 50 taper spindle. IntraMax can also be used to turn outside diameters from .35 to 9.8 inches. The system is adaptable with either the original Alpha Modul threaded connection or the "quick change" Beta Modul¨ connection to the toolholder adaptors, and works seamlessly with most popular machining centers including those with HSK 63A and 100A, V-Flange and BT tooling.

The single pass roughing/finish operation is achieved by offsetting the roughing head from the finishing diameter and then lowering the finishing insert to allow the rougher to lead. This allows IntraMax to rough and finish bore a part to finished size in a single operation. Accuracy is assured with a .0002" increment diameter adjustment for finish boring, and the precision-ground, serrated tool components assure rigid connection for full torque transmission. Lovendahl added that IntraMax allows double cutter finishing without producing undesirable retraction lines on the finish bore surface. Because the tool is designed that both cutting edges are above (or below) the centerline, the tool can be removed from the bore without scratching the finished bore wall.

New Axis(TM) Right Angle Heads are designed for right angle machining in tight spaces and within cavities down to 1.0" diameter- areas previously considered inaccessible to CNC machining. Requiring no spindle rotation, the New Axis head is driven by the machining center's pressurized coolant system, thus expanding the capabilities of the existing machine tools and eliminating the time and expense of secondary operations. The positive displacement ball piston motor achieves speeds and torque relative to coolant flow and pressure. Because the right angle heads have their own power, the machine's C-axis spindle is free to function as an indexer, allowing machining at multiple radial positions with just one set-up.

"New Axis is a modular system with a variety of head sizes that adapt to various shank assemblies," says Bob Saby, product manager. "The Right Angle Heads are ideal for applications such as drilling bleeder holes at right angles to piston bores and machining at multiple radial positions on monolithic parts. They improve accuracy and reduce cycle times and costs related to scrap and tool usage."

Using the same coupling as the New Axis Right Angle head, the New Axis(TM) Keyway Cutter also eliminates secondary operations and reduces cycle times by combining keyway cutting with turning and/or boring operations. The innovative Keyway Cutter machines keyways and splines in bores down to 1/2" diameter, transmitting power from the motor to the arbor-type stagger tooth cutter via the drive pins. Four head sizes are available, each matched with one of three cutter diameters. Odd-sized keyways can be produced via multiple passes to achieve the required depth and width.

The Right Angle Heads and Keyway Cutter heads are 100% interchangeable between various shanks, allowing those who already own the New Axis shank to purchase only the appropriate head. Heads are available in five standard shank sizes: BT 40, CT 40, CT 50, HSK63A, and straight shank, with custom designs also offered.

Command Tooling Systems is the technology leader in toolholder manufacturing for high-precision machining operations serving many industries, including automotive, aerospace, computer, defense, electronic, job shop and medical equipment. Command(TM) is committed to providing tooling solutions of the highest quality, with immediate availability. For more information on the New Axis Keyway Cutter, contact: Command Tooling Systems; 13931 Sunfish Lake Blvd.: Ramsey, MN 55303 Ph: 763/576-6910 Fax: 763-576-6911.

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