Boring Machine can bore door lock/latch holes in any location.

Press Release Summary:

Adjustable to accommodate lengths from 5-32 in., Lock Block Boring Machine is designed to bore lock and latch holes in lock blocks for insertion into production door makeup. Touchscreen enables operator to set hole location, turn on appropriate motors, and troubleshoot any problems that arise. Capable of processing up to 3.7 doors/minute with up to 9 holes/door, machine bores holes from both sides, preventing blowout.

Original Press Release:

Lock Block Boring Machine - By Builders Automation Machinery

Builders Automation Machinery is proud to present a one of a kind machine engineered and American built by Builders Automation's in-house craftsmen, the Lock Block Boring Machine.

The Lock Block Boring Machine was specially designed for one of our best customers, a leading manufacturer of interior and exterior doors located in the state of Texas.
The purpose of the Lock Block Boring Machine is to bore lock and latch bore holes in lock blocks for insertion into production door makeup.

The lock block boring machine can bore the lock and latch holes at any location. With this flexibility, the products can consist of many variables such as different still thickness, different backsets, and even different center to center location and dead bolt to lock bore. Builders Automation Machinery has also made the lock block boring machine adjustable to accommodate many sizes in length, from 5" up to 32".

The raw material for the lock block would be wood with grain running perpendicular to the centerlines of the lock and latch bores. OSB may also be used.

The Lock Block Boring machine is touch screen controlled. Through the touch screen the operator can set the hole location and turn on the appropriate motors. The touch screen also gives the operator the ability to trouble shoot any problems that may arise. Builders Automation Machinery has made the Lock Block Boring machine in such a way that it does not have any breakout. This is due to the fact that the Lock Block Boring bores holes from both sides of the hole to prevent blowout. Therefore, there is no need for replacing back up blocks.

It is important to mention that the Lock Block Boring Machine is capable of processing up to 3.7 doors per minute with up to 9 holes per door. This is a very cost effective and high profit producing Lock Block Boring machine.

Builders Automation Machinery has posted videos on you tube, which give a brief description of how the Lock Block Boring Machine works.


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