Bonded Nut Plate Stand-Offs Made with Victrex® Peek(TM) Polymer Provide Support For Cargo Doors in New Generation Commercial Aircraft

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA, USA - When Click Bond, Inc., a leader in adhesive-bonded fastener systems, wanted to develop a bonded nut plate stand-off for the cargo doors of a major manufacturer's new generation of commercial aircraft it chose VICTREX® PEEK(TM) polymer for the composite part. The stand-offs, which consists of a nut plate attached to a stand-off bracket, are used to provide support for the cargo doors as attachment points for the cargo door liner.

According to Mark Egeberg, Click Bond Pacific Regional Manager, "The high strength and stiffness of the VICTREX PEEK polymer combined with Click Bond's innovative approach to adhesive-bonded stand-offs provides the necessary structural integrity while reducing installation labor." The use of adhesive to bond mounting hardware to the structure eliminates the need to drill/dress holes and install rivets. "Adhesive bonding is faster and also saves significant time and money should an attachment require relocation and rework is necessary... because no holes are drilled!" added Egeberg. In addition to reducing part count, eliminating rivet holes reduces fatigue and corrosion potential.

VICTREX PEEK polymer has replaced a glass/epoxy composite used on previous stand-offs. "Injection molding the part with VICTREX PEEK polymer is a good alternative to glass/epoxy composite especially when higher volumes dictate a production method with a much faster cycle time and lower part cost," explained Egeberg. "The polymer provides the necessary properties required for structural attachments in aerospace applications including superior bond strength, high strength and stiffness, excellent flammability performance, and resistance to hydraulic fluid." In addition, the polymer is injection moldable in thin walls and allows for excellent wet-out of high fiber content.

Click Bond uses a unique self-fixturing process to maintain an accurate position on the substrate during bonding with a permanent structural adhesive. "Our 'fixture-in-place' process allows the adhesive to cure with constant pressure and consistent bondline thickness," said Egeberg. "The self-fixturing parts eliminate the need for special tools, clamps and drills, thus speeding up the process of installing attachment bracket hardware."

Based on over 30 years of proven of high-performance properties, VICTREX PEEK polymer is displacing traditional composites in a variety of aircraft applications using advanced materials and new technologies to reduce weight while delivering superior design, fuel efficiency and value.

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