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Boiler Aero-Shield minimizes fouling and erosion problems.

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Boiler Aero-Shield minimizes fouling and erosion problems.

Nov 15, 2012 - Aero-Shield™ improves boiler performance in situations where excessive fouling and tube erosion exists in various heat transfer areas. Fit snugly around boiler tube, product has flat, wedge-like, aerodynamic shape that improves flue-gas flow patterns and heat transfer while reducing fouling. Custom-designed for each application, this flue gas flow control redistribution device reduces maintenance as well as cleaning for downstream heating surface tubes.

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Original Press Release

Metso Power Introduces Aero-Shield(TM), Engineering Solution to Boiler Fouling and Erosion Problems

Press release date: Nov 14, 2012

Charlotte, NC – Metso Power, the global engineering and technology company and market leader in boiler tube shields, announces the release of a new product designed to improve boiler performance in situations where there is excessive fouling and tube erosion in various heat transfer areas. Called Aero-Shield™, the product fits snugly around a boiler tube, protecting it from erosion and corrosion. With its flat, wedge-like aerodynamic shape, the Aero-Shield™ improves flue-gas flow patterns. The result is a reduction in fouling and improved heat transfer.

The Aero-Shield is a proven technology, with seven years in development and four years of successful operation in over 20 units.

Solid-waste-fired boilers are particularly prone to excessive fouling in convection pass areas, especially in boilers where the flue-gas flow path makes sharp, 180° and 90° turns, potentially resulting in uneven gas flow distribution. The Aero-Shield™ functions as a flue-gas flow-control redistribution device, enabling less maintenance and cleaning for downstream heating surface tubes.

Following a full evaluation of a given scenario, Metso Power’s engineering staff custom-designs the Aero-Shields™ to address the identified problem. The process includes modeling the existing boiler thermal and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of the problematic area.

Aero-Shields™ were developed in the mid-2000s for the energy-from-waste (EfW) market by Covanta Energy, a world-leading sustainable waste management and renewable energy company. In close cooperation with Metso Power, the Aero-Shield™ was subjected to extensive field-testing in Covanta-operated EfW facilities. Engineering studies and field tests have demonstrated that Aero-Shields™:
• Reduce fouling and slagging
• Increase heat transfer up to 25% yielding higher boiler efficiency
• Increase service life for boiler pressure parts
• Increase service life for boiler parts downstream of the Aero-Shields™
• Reduce damage to regular tube shields located downstream of the Aero-Shields™, resulting in cost savings in downtime and labor for maintenance.

Field tests were performed by using a variety of alloys and thicknesses in order to identify materials that functioned well without being cost-prohibitive. Based on these tests, several different materials were developed for the Aero-Shield™ applications.

“We believe that we have good data to prove the effectiveness of Aero-Shields™ in many different situations where performance and component life were compromised,” says Jarkko Hyvarinen, Aero-Shield Product Manager, Metso Power. “However, before recommending Aero-Shields™ in a particular situation, Metso will complete an Engineering study that includes a CFD analysis and thermal modeling to generate the best solution.”

Metso has been granted exclusive global rights to design, manufacture and sell the Aero-Shield™. Covanta Energy Inc. owns the patent.

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