Boart Longyear to Showcase key Products that Serve Multiple Markets at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016

SALT LAKE CITY - Boart Longyear (, the world's leading provider of drilling services, equipment and performance tooling, will present a broad range of underground, surface, multipurpose, sonic and production drill rigs; performance tooling; and the first two products in the company's instrumentation line, TruCore™ and TruShot™, at MINExpo in Las Vegas, NV, from September 26 to 28.

"As a world leader in the drilling products and services industry, presenting at an international show like MINExpo is critical to growing our business," said Kent Hoots, senior vice president, global products. "We are looking forward to having a number of our drill rigs on site this year to show the value of our products to existing and new customers."

Boart Longyear's product experts will be available and all products listed below will be on display Booth 2603 in the North Hall.


    --  LM™110 Underground Rig. The LM™110 was designed as a modular drill

        rig with a number of options for site-specific customization. An

        optional rod handler can be added to the LM™110, which greatly

        increases safety by locating the driller away from moving parts.

    --  Drill Control Interface (DCi™). The DCi™ provides drilling

        contractors a fully electronic interface to safely and efficiently

        operate underground drilling equipment, such as the LM™ series, via

        an independent, lightweight control panel. The LM™75, LM™90,

        LM™110 and MDR700 rigs are compatible with the DCi™ system. The

        DCi™ increases safety on-site by moving the driller away from moving

        parts and hydraulic hoses.


    --  LF™160 Drill Rig and Freedom Loader™. Created with customers' needs

        in mind, the LF™160 surface coring rig is one of the first completely

        hands-free rod handling solutions with an optional rod loader. The

        LF™160 rig paired with the Freedom Loader™ is ideal for

        contractors who want to target sophisticated surface drilling

        exploration contracts with clients that stipulate the highest safety



    --  LS™250 MiniSonic™. The recently launched LS™250 MiniSonic™ is

        a compact sonic rig that provides an overall safer working environment

        for drillers. The rig is ideally suited for a wide range of

        environmental and infrastructure drilling applications, including

        difficult-to-reach drill sites.


    --  StopeMaster™. The StopeMaster™ is designed for superior access,

        mobility, flexibility and productivity to meet the unique challenges of

        narrow vein and other underground mining applications, using a hydraulic

        rock drill.


    --  Roller Latch Quick Pump-In Underground Head Assembly: Allowing for

        greater pump-in speed and productivity while utilizing large rollers for

        latching and hold-back braking to retain inner-tube assemblies in the

        drill string, the Roller Latch head assembly makes for dramatically

        safer, more productive, operations.

    --  Diamond Bits: A full lineup of diamond bits that are designed for a wide

        range of drilling needs are available. The 10UMX™ Diamond Bit series

        is a combination of synthetic diamonds and an advanced formulation,

        which make it the ideal choice for the very hardest rock formations. Our

        UMX™ Diamond Bits are a versatile line of diamond coring bits that

        uses patent-pending technology.


    --  Boart Longyear offers a complete selection of rods and bits to provide

        solutions for any top hammer drilling application. With a complete range

        of shank adaptors, Boart Longyear top hammer tooling works with most

        rigs on the market.


    --  TruCore™ Core Orientation System: The first product in Boart

        Longyear's instrumentation line, TruCore™ enables drillers to provide

        the accurate data and the results mining clients count on with ease. As

        a trusted supplier of drilling equipment and tooling for more than 125

        years, Boart Longyear is proud to offer the first alternative solution

        in the marketplace for electronic core orientation.

    --  TruShot™: Designed for the drill site, the TruShot™ magnetic

        survey tool provides wireless communication in a robust, user-friendly

        configuration. TruShot will be launched in Australia later this year.

Visit Boart Longyear at Booth 2603 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  For more information and to join Boart Longyear's MINExpo mailing list, visit

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