Boart Longyear's MINExpo Exhibit to Feature StopeMaster(TM) Drill's Advantages for Narrow Vein Mining

SALT LAKE CITY, July 22, 2016 - Boart Longyear (, the world's leading provider of drilling services, equipment and performance tooling, will display the StopeMaster™ hydraulic production drill along with a wide range of other products at its MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016 exhibit in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 26 to 28.

The StopeMaster™ drill is designed for superior access, mobility, flexibility and productivity to meet the unique challenges of narrow vein and other underground mining applications. Capable of drilling holes ranging from 64 millimeters to 106 millimeters in diameter, the StopeMaster™ accommodates drilling depths up to 35 meters and can be configured with a self-propelled diesel option with four-wheel independent drive that can be disengaged for towing.

"Mobility and flexibility are two of the biggest challenges in narrow vein mining. Due to the tight constraints and narrow passageways, miners need safe, portable and compact equipment," said Carlos Bravo, global product manager for Boart Longyear. "The StopeMaster™ is ideal for the tight and narrow spaces typically seen in underground mining operations. Designed for bulk mining applications, it is compact, mobile, versatile and durable, with a proven track record of high productivity and long service life."

In addition to the StopeMaster™ hydraulic drill, Boart Longyear offers the StopeMate™ pneumatic drill, which also is designed for flexibility and productivity in tight access locations. Both are durable and compact, with 360-degree rotation for greater flexibility.

For added safety, the StopeMate™ and StopeMaster™ rigs are equipped with heavy-duty hoses to protect the driller from hose rupture, as well as can be controlled with a remote positioning system up to 25 meters away, which improves safety by removing the operators from the immediate drilling area. The StopeMaster™ also has an emergency stop circuit to cut the power to the drill in the event of an incident.

"When developing new technologies, equipment and consumables, Boart Longyear continues to focus on making the driller safer and more productive," Mr. Bravo said. "With current trends toward rod handling and drilling deeper, we are always looking to see where we can upgrade or expand our product lines to meet the customer's needs."

Visit Boart Longyear's MINExpo exhibit at Booth 2603 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Product experts will be available at the display, which will include a broad range of underground, surface, multipurpose, sonic and production drill rigs; performance tooling; and the first two products in the company's instrumentation line, TruCore™ and TruShot™.

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