BMW Continues Use of Borries VIN Markers

Spartanburg, SC - BMW Manufacturing Co. has continued its use of Borries Marking Systems' scriber markers for the vehicles manufactured in its upstate
South Carolina factory. Now six Borries marking machines are in use at the
Spartanburg County plant. Historically, Borries has had markers at the South
Carolina BMW facility since the summer of 1994, when the plant was opened.

As reported by Don Hubchik, U.S. manager for Borries, a scanner reads a
barcode on each vehicle prior to the VIN marking operation, with the body of
the vehicle then indexed to the proper work station for marking. Marking
operations initially were set to meet production requirements of 690 units/day, and then were increased to 1100 units/day. The Borries Model 325 scribers have PC controls, which are linked to a host BMW system.

The markers are known for their quality reputation and low noise level. High-speed servo motors drive the markers, which feature reduced marking cycle times.

For more information, contact Don Hubchik, Borries Marking Systems, 3744
Plaza Drive, Suite 1C, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Telephone 734-761-9549; fax
734-761-1171; e-mail

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