Block Scientific offering Quality Abbott Cell Dyn 3700 SL in Refurbished Condition

Block Scientific, an established supplier of laboratory equipment based in New York, is offering the Abbott Cell Dyn 3700 SL in a refurbished condition. This is a great opportunity for labs with budget constraints to purchase this quality hematology analyzer at a price which is much lower than new.

The analyzer comes with diagnostic capabilities and is suitable for clinical laboratories of all sizes. It is designed to perform simultaneous optical and impedance measurements on white blood cells with utmost precision. This instrument can choose the correct answer even in the presence of problematic specimens. Block Scientific offers the refurbished Abbott Cell Dyn 3700 SL analyzer with 90 day parts warranty. Reagents, controls, consumables and service contracts may be available.

The advanced features of this fully automated system offer many benefits

- Multiple technologies improve accuracy and increase the number of reportable results

- Multi-dimensional cell classification with MAPSS technology provides analysis of CBC hematological parameters-Diff, WBC, RBC, PLT

- Automated Reticulocyte analysis based upon NCCLS/ICSH methods reduces time spent for this labor-intensive test

- Extended veterinary package application, capable of 60 different animal species

This hematology analyzer comes with a sample loader or as a single sample closed system and provides a complete 23-parameter CBC at a rate of 90 samples per hour. Buyers can also choose from other models in the Cell Dyn series from Abbott Diagnostics such as the Abbott Cell Dyn 1800/1700/3500/3200/3500 SL.

The technical team at Block Scientific guides labs in selecting the device that meets their requirements and budget. They also provide excellent after sales support with timely service and maintenance. The options that this reliable lab equipment supplier offers labs with budget constraints include reagent rental plans and equipment leasing.

About Block Scientific

Block Scientific, a leading lab equipment supplier in NY offers a wide range of quality laboratory equipment such as analyzers, microscopes, co-oximeters, incubators, centrifuges, balances, and much more. Visit for more details on the different products, special offers, and on placing orders.

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