Block Scientific Offering FDA Cleared Beckman Access 25 (OH) Vitamin D Reagents at a Competitive Price

An established lab equipment supplier based in New York, Block Scientific is offering the Access 25 (OH) Vitamin D Reagent (100 Determinations, 2 x 50 Tests) from Beckman Coulter at competitive pricing. Newly added to the store's portfolio, this FDA-approved assay is for use on the UniCel DxI series of immunoassay systems. 

Also known as "ACCESS 25-OH Vit D for use on DxI 2X50 DET", this reagent enables precise clinical assessment of vitamin D status. The assay is a paramagnetic particle, chemiluminescent immunoassay for the quantitative measurement of total 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH) vitamin D levels in human serum and plasma. Clinical laboratories can make use of this quality reagent to guarantee accurate results in the assessment of vitamin D sufficiency.

In addition to accuracy, the main benefits of using Beckman Coulter’s Vitamin D UniCel DxI Reagent are

- Excellent stability and reproducibility

- Superior storage convenience

- Confidence in patient results

- Convenient assessment of suspected deficient and elevated patient populations

As a reliable supplier of lab equipment, reagents and consumables, Block Scientific offers competitive pricing on all the products that it supplies. The store is the place to look for budget-friendly weekly deals, reagent rental plans, and recertified devices. The company also offers great post-sales support in the form of installation, and maintenance. 

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