Blister Tester automates methylene blue dye test.

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Lippke Blister-Tester VC 1380 utilizes bowl-shaped chamber filled with water to which blue dye is added. Filled blister is secured at bottom of bowl and remains in methylene blue dye under atmospheric pressure for predetermined amount of time. If there is a leak in blister or backing seal, dye-filled water breaches structure and penetrates specific cell. Parameters for vacuum, test time, and penetration time are adjustable and can be stored in database.

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New Lippke Blister-Tester VC 1380 Automates Classic Methylene Blue Dye Test

Minneapolis, MN (November 7, 2004) -MOCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO), a leading manufacturer of instrumentation equipment, launches its new Lippke Blister-Tester VC 1380. The blister tester automates the classic methylene blue dye test and provides comprehensive documentation. To use, a bowl-shaped chamber is filled with water to which the blue dye is added. The filled blister is placed at the bottom of the bowl and secured in place by a screen to insure submersion. A lid is placed over the bowl. The approved user then enters a PIN into the blister-tester console which features an LCD display. (Only authorized users whose identities are stored in the unit's database can administer the test.) The parameters for vacuum, test time and penetration time are adjustable and can also be stored in a database. This ensures that identical products will always be tested with the same parameters. Pressing the start button activates the test which begins when vacuum is created inside the bowl-like chamber. The blister packs remain in the methylene blue die under atmospheric pressure, for a predetermined amount of time. If there is a leak, pinhole, etc., in the individual blisters or in the backing seal, the dye-filled water will breach the structure and penetrate the specific cell. After the test is concluded, inspection of the blister pack will immediately yield visual results. By automating the test sequence, users can insure that tests are conducted under the same parameters. Further, automation enables staff to focus on other work-related tasks while this test is cycling through. Documentation also is simplified via automatic printout of the test report. The Lippke Blister-Tester VC 1380 can also be used for the testing of ampoules and vials. Additionally, the unit is significantly less expensive than competitive non-destructive blister testing units. The Lippke technology is now available for the first time in the United States as a result of MOCON's acquisition earlier this year of Paul Lippke Handels-GmbH Prozess- und Laborsysteme (Lippke), Neuwied, Germany. (Lippke has been the primary distributor of MOCON products in Europe for approximately thirty years.) MOCON is a leading provider of instrumentation and consulting and laboratory services to medical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries worldwide. See for more information. Please send sales leads from editorial inquiries to: Steve Bunnell MOCON, Inc., 7500 Boone Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55428 U.S.A. Telephone: 763-493-6370 Fax: 763-493-6358 Email:

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