Blast Cleaning Machine handles big and heavy components.

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Rotary table wheel-blast system, Model GWB-702L features two 10 hp direct-drive blast turbines that deliver 440 lb of media/min and rotate in opposite directions, so blast patterns overlap to completely cover components on machine's table. Measuring 70 in. in diameter, gear-driven turntable is armored with replaceable plates cast in abrasion-resistant alloy and offers capacity of 4,000 lb. Media reclamation is accomplished by 3-stage system.

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Blast Cleaning Machine for Big and Heavy Components

December 8, 2005 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Guyson Corporation now manufactures its Model GWB-702L rotary table wheel-blast system with two direct drive blast turbines positioned to enable thorough coverage of three-dimensional components.

The 70-inch (1.8 m) diameter turntable of the GWB-702L is heavily armored with replaceable plates cast in abrasion-resistant alloy, as are all areas of the interior of the machine that are directly exposed to media blast. The weight capacity of the gear driven rotary table is 4,000 lbs. (1,800 kg).

Located on the upper left side of the blast chamber, the two 10 HP blast wheels rotate in opposite directions, so that their blast patterns overlap to completely cover components on the machine's slowly revolving table. This wheel configuration is claimed to be particularly effective for rapid cleaning or finishing of vertical surfaces and the sides of components, as well as the top aspect of the parts.

A wheeled transfer cart is optionally available to simplify loading and handling of bulky items. The rigidly welded cart features a roll-in table fabricated in manganese steel and a catch tray to collect media that might be carried out when blast cleaned components are unloaded.

The twin blast wheels deliver approximately 440 lbs. (200 kg) of media per minute. Media reclamation in the standard Model GWB-702L is accomplished by a high performance three-stage system that includes a rotary sieve to screen out coarse contaminants, a cascade air wash separator to remove dust and fines, plus a tunable cyclone separator to recycle reusable media. The manufacturer claims that this specially enhanced reclaim is essential when exceptionally fine bead media are used for nondestructive cleaning of molds and dies, or when microscopic shot is used to produce a distinctive cosmetic finish.

Negative pressure is maintained in the blast system by a freestanding cartridge-type dust collector that extracts up to 2,400 cubic feet of air per minute (68 m3/min.). The high efficiency collector is also designed and manufactured by the machine builder.

The control panel of the GWB-702L has been simplified by the replacement of numerous
switches, buttons and lights with a streamlined touch-screen panel that displays data such as blast wheel amperages and cycle time in an operator-friendly hierarchy of graphic menus with prompts, text instructions and fault indications.

Prospective users of the GWB-702L system are encouraged to submit sample components for free laboratory testing and application engineering evaluation at the machine builder's factory in northeastern New York State.

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