Blank-Prediction Software complements CAD packages.

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FASTBLANK v3.0 determines material size requirements of part geometry with consideration for stretching and compression. It converts solids to surfaces, and calculates blank shape (flat pattern) of stamping from surfaced IGES file. FASTBLANK helps manufacturers prepare costing and quoting estimates. It also helps acclerate design and build of blank station or die. It includes built-in database of materials and interface to display blank shape.

Original Press Release:

Forming Technologies Launches FASTBLANK Through Strategic Alliance With FASTBLANK Unfolds Complex Geometries To Provide Flat Pattern Layout

Oakville, ON and Woodbridge, ON - January 28, 2002 - Forming
Technologies Inc. (FTI) announces Version 3.0 of its highly popular FASTBLANK software is available through its Gold Partnership with [EGN:CDNX]. is being developed to become the ultimate resource tool for the global engineering community, as well as a leading business-to-business Internet-based marketplace for engineering products and services. Aimed at the sheet metal stamping and tooling market, FASTBLANK calculates an accurate blank shape (flat pattern) of a stamping from a surfaced IGES file.

FASTBLANK, which complements the basic unfold capability of many CAD packages, is a blank prediction software that determines the material size requirements of a part geometry with consideration for stretching and compression. No CAD system on the market today includes this capability. The latest release includes a time saving tool to convert solids to surfaces. It provides a very accurate developed blank shape within minutes and replaces the traditional time consuming manual method of blank size calculation. A user with minimum design or manufacturing knowledge will require less than 5 minutes to run the software for most parts.

Noted Steve Taylor from Lincor Tool, "FASTBLANK is easy to use, a real time saver, and reduces blank development time by 80%.

Typical applications for FASTBLANK include assisting manufacturers to prepare their costing and quoting estimates. The software also helps users to accelerate the design and build of the blank station or die. A surfaced IGES file of the product geometry and material type are the only required inputs.

Ronald Daws, who sets target pricing at Johnson Controls for sheet metal stampings, said, "Most of our stamped parts are complex and have irregular shapes, with stretch bends and draws. For the past six months we have been using FASTBLANK for blank calculations. We can develop an accurate blank and nest our parts in a fraction of the time previously required. The FASTBLANK software paid for itself within the first month of use."

FASTBLANK has a built-in database of materials and a simple interface to display the blank shape. A display of thin-out is also included to show potential hot spots. The program exports an IGES file of the blank shape and also provides the size of the smallest rectangle that will fit around the blank shape. Targeted users are typically design, tooling, manufacturing, estimating and engineering personnel who require quick and accurate blank shapes. Visit to download a trial version of FASTBLANK.

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