Blackburn Can Now Manufacture Large Coroplast Signs Made from Corrugated Plastic

Blackburn can now manufacture large coroplast signs made from corrugated plastic. They can be displayed on metal "H" posts. They can be printed on one or both sides, and several size and color options are available. This year we expanded our capabilities to produce signs larger 6"x6". Also, we can now produce custom-cut signs

About Blackburn Mfg

Blackburn Manufacturing Co. produces and fabricates small plastic flags attached to either wire or plastic staffs. The flags are used by construction, survey, public works, utilities, landscaping, soil conservation, farming, forestry, gardening and landscaping companies to identify underground water, gas, electric and cable conduits or pipes. The flags are also used to post signage and delineate construction areas.

Blackburn Manufacturing Co. is a family owned firm. It was started in 1953 by E. A. "Bud" Blackburn in the basement of a small family homestead near Royal, Nebraska. Bud's cousin worked in the surveying industry and used old lathe stakes as markers. He came to Bud and asked him if he could attach a piece of cloth or paper to a wire or wooden stick.

Blackburn Mfg. Co.

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