Black Oxide Process replaces hot oxide metal finishing.

Press Release Summary:

TRU TEMP® metal finishing process eliminates hazards of boiling caustic soda tanks while producing black oxide finishes. It operates at 200°F and offers safe operation without EPA regulated metal content. Able to blacken iron and non-stainless steels without white salt leaching or off-color finishes, TRU TEMP process produces corrosion-resistant, .000020 in. thick satin magnetite black finish. Overall process time is ~20 min.

Original Press Release:

TRU TEMP® Low Temperature Black Oxide Process Is Ideal Substitute for Hot Oxide Metal Finishing

Eden Prairie, Minnesota: Metal finishers and manufacturers can now eliminate the hazards of boiling caustic soda tanks and produce high quality black oxide finishes with the patented TRU TEMP® metal finishing process. This new, low temperature black oxide process operates at only 200f F and offers safe operation and short process time - without EPA regulated metal content. The TRU TEMP process blackens all iron and non-stainless steels - even MIM parts - without white salt leaching or off-color finishes.

The TRU TEMP black finish is a durable, satin magnetite of .000020 inch (0.5 micron) thickness with excellent corrosion resistance. Overall process time is only about 20 minutes - about half the time required for conventional black oxide. Consequently, blackening line throughput is high and part movement can be streamlined to enhance Lean Manufacturing programs. An In-House TRU TEMP line is a safe and easy way to achieve a "same-day turnaround" capability to fill key customer orders without raising inventory levels.

The TRU TEMP black oxide finish satisfies Mil Spec DTL 13924D and AMS 2485. Because there is no EPA regulated metal content, the process rinse waters are generally sewerable without waste treatment (large process lines may require pH adjustment). Initial capital investment is low and chemical operating cost is only about 1-3 cents per pound of finished parts.

Existing black oxide lines can often be retro-fitted at low cost to convert to the TRU TEMP process. Pre-engineered turnkey process lines are available from BIRCHWOOD CASEY in various configurations that install in a day's time.

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