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Atlanta, GA - February 6, 2012 - BITZER, a global leader in A/C and refrigeration compressor technology, unveiled a new booth design at this year's AHR EXPO in Chicago and presented a variety of new Compressors and Heat Exchangers. BITZER's display focused on high efficiency Screw, Scroll and Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors and an entirely new product line. Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. Committed to environmental stewardship, BITZER also presented its CO2 reciprocating compressor like those used in new Supermarkets in the U.S. and throughout Europe. BITZER also promoted its variable frequency drive Octagon Compressor and its new optimized R134a Ecoline Compressors.

Visitors to BITZER's booth saw the following:

o ASME Certified Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

BITZER ASME certified, high efficiency Shell & Tube Evaporators and Condensers feature market leading u-tube design technology that reduces leak potential by 50% and enables the tube bundle to be fully removable and serviceable. They also feature external and internal profiled copper or cupronickel tubes, removable end covers for mechanical cleaning, and coated tube-sheets for corrosion protection.

o ECOLINE R134a Octagon Reciprocating Compressors

BITZER's newest series of reciprocating compressors has been optimized for use with R134a. The ECOLINE series increases energy efficiency up to 20% compared to traditional R404A medium temperature systems, extends application limits toward lower condensing temperatures, decreases your system's carbon footprint, and is ideal for variable speed operation up to 70 Hz with a standard motor. ECOLINE compressors are available from 6 to 50 HP.

o Subcritical CO2 Octagon Reciprocating Compressors

BITZER CO2 Octagon Recips feature an extended operating envelope for low-temperature applications, with up to 20% improvements in energy efficiency over the other CO2 compressors. With this series, pressure levels of 435 psi suction side standstill pressure and 768 psi maximum allowable discharge side pressure are possible, substantially increasing application options. These extended application limits allow operation up to a condensing temperature of +59°F.

o Factory Assembled GSD8 R410A Scroll Tandems / Trios

BITZER now offers factory assembled tandem units and trio packages of our popular GSD8 R410A scrolls. Tandems are available in both even and uneven units, increasing application flexibility with total capacities ranging from 30 - 80 tons. By combining single units into trio sets, total capacities of 45 - 120 tons are generated. All BITZER GSD8 Scrolls are now fully qualified and approved for use with Inverters for capacity control.

o Compact Screw Compressor Cut-Away

BITZER's Screw Compressor cut-away reveals the advanced technology and tight tolerances of BITZER's optimized Air Conditioning Screw Series. Rather than offer a "one size fits all" design, BITZER optimizes its Screws for the highest efficiencies at two different conditions: low condensing temp (CSW) and high condensing temp (CSH). These models include a lifetime oil filter and long-life sealed bearings and slide valves. Capacity control can be programmed for infinite or 4-step control. Due to their high efficiency and low sound levels, BITZER Screws have become the standard retrofit replacement when upgrading old chillers and A/C systems.


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