Bishamon Industries Corporation - The Benefits of a Pallet Positioner

As the name might suggest, a pallet positioner is used to raise and turn pallets in industrial and commercial facilities. Pallets are very convenient because they can be used to stack heavy parts or products, and they can easily be wheeled around a facility using a forklift or pallet truck. The problem is that pallets can be difficult to turn in the right direction once they are loaded, and floor height might not be the most convenient height while goods are being loaded onto the pallet. For example, if you were stacking small boxes onto a pallet after they had been packaged on a table, it would be convenient if the pallet was at waist height when you started out. If it wasn’t, you would be constantly bending over and may have risked hurting your back during extended periods of work. Thankfully, a pallet positioner provides the perfect solution to this problem.

Pallet positioners like the ones available in the EZ Loader lineup from Bishamon Industries make it easy to raise, lower and position pallets. The platform holds the bottom of the pallet and is moved using air pressure or hydraulic pressure. The platform can be lowered to ground level or raised up several feet off of the ground. Some pallet positioners have a non-rotating rectangular platform, while others include a rotating platform that can be moved by hand or by motor. This rotating platform makes it easy to turn the pallet around during loading. Some of our pallet positioner models are even made in stainless steel for wipe down applications. The anti- corrosive properties of the stainless steel make the equipment more durable and easier to clean on a regular basis.

Some pallet positioners have a very small ramp that makes the platform completely level with the ground so even a pallet that already has weight on it can be rolled onto the platform using a pallet truck. The convenience and power of a pallet positioner aid in the efficiency of a busy industrial or commercial workplace. By taking the strain out of repetitive tasks, this piece of equipment prevents workplace injuries and damage to property caused by poor handling techniques.

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