Bird Repellent can be used in open spaces up to 5 acres.

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Bird Buffer(TM) electronic aerosol generator converts liquid Fog Force grape food flavoring into tiny nano-particles which, when blown into air at 90 mph, create invisible haze that stays suspended in air for 6 hr. Birds that fly through haze associate location with repellent's effect and leave area for good. When used indoors, haze does not damage paint. Applications include packing/processing facilities, airport equipment and plane storage, and landfills and recycling centers.

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New Improved Bird Buffer(TM) Controls Birds in Large Open Spaces up to 5 Acres

September 22, 2008,

EAST MOLINE, IL - The Bird Buffer(TM), offered by Nixalite, is a programmable, electronic aerosol generator that repels flying birds - indoors and outdoors- by producing a nearly invisible repellent haze. Birds that fly through the haze soon associate the location with the repellent's effect and leave the area for good. Bird Buffers are quiet, safe and extremely efficient, using very little repellent to cover huge open areas. Included timers allow for unattended operation at times of peak bird activity.

"From airplane hangers to food processing facilities, flying birds can cause damage and infection. Finding a way to control nuisance birds in open spaces has been a challenge that, until now has not been easy to solve," said Cory Gellerstedt, president of Nixalite. "Bird Buffer is the only flying bird deterrent of its type in the world."

Bird Buffer is a machine that converts liquid Fog Force, a harmless grape food flavoring, into tiny nano-particles which, when blown into the air at 90 mph, create an invisible haze that stays suspended in the air for about 6 hours. When used indoors, the Bird Buffer haze does not damage paint, and the scent is a faint, pleasant grape aroma.

"Bird Buffer is extremely cost-effective, adds Gellerstedt. "Because it works on a timer, labor is minimized. Whereas a fogging machine requires a gallon of Fog Force fluid to fog a three- to five- acre area for two hours, the Bird Buffer only uses one gallon of Fog Force to keep the same size area 96% bird free for two months. That's quite a savings of money and time."

Bird Buffer has been approved in places where other systems are not:
o Food packing/processing facilities

o Aircraft maintenance hangars

o Airport equipment & plane storage

o Landfills & recycling centers

o Orchards, vineyards & farms

o Open air malls & restaurants

o Auto parking & storage facilities

o Large, flat & open rooftops

o Feed lots, livestock containment

o Nurseries, greenhouses and tree farms

o Nearly anywhere birds fly through, over and around large open spaces

Where to find Bird Buffer

Bird Buffer is available online at . Complete system information is available online, or you may call Nixalite at 800-624-1189.

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