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Bipolar PROMs serve as drop-in replacements for OEM devices.

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Jan 24, 2014 - Manufactured on bipolar process, PROM Series has 4 members ranging in size from 2K (512 x 8) to 16K (2K x 8), with speeds from 90–125 ns. Units are One-Time Programmable devices, offering on-chip address decoding without separate fusing pins, 3-state outputs, and full TTL-compatibility. Available in variety of ceramic packages, including Leadless Chip Carriers, Dual Inline Packages, and Flatpacks, PROMs meet OEM specifications for military and aerospace applications.

e2v Technologies PLC - Chelmsford, GBR

Original Press Release

e2v Aerospace and Defense Completes Redesign of Bipolar PROM Family

Press release date: Jan 17, 2014

e2v aerospace and defense today announced that it has completed full qualification of a family of industry-standard Bipolar PROMs. These products have been fully re-engineered and manufactured on a Bipolar process and meet the original manufacturer specifications for military and aerospace applications. These devices serve as drop-in replacements for the original devices, manufactured by a variety of suppliers, including Philips/Signetics, Harris, MMI, Fairchild, National, and Raytheon.

The PROM family has four members, ranging in size from 2K (512 x 8) to 16K (2K x 8), and ranging in speed from 90ns to 125ns. These PROMs are field programmable OTP (One-Time Programmable) devices, offering on-chip address decoding without separate fusing pins, three-state outputs and full TTL-compatibility. Supported device types are shown in the cross reference.

These devices are available in a variety of ceramic package options: Leadless Chip Carriers (LCCs), Dual Inline Packages (DIPs) and Flatpacks (FPs); all manufactured in compliance with the latest revision of MIL-PRF-38535, making them ideally suited for defense applications. These devices are available to Standard Microcircuit Drawings and/or Military Slash Sheet Specifications.

““This product release demonstrates e2v’s design expertise and commitment as supplier of components and subsystems for aerospace systems applications,” said Mr. Robert Brevelle, President e2v a&d.  “We continue to support the warfighter by extending the lifetime of mission critical systems.” 
Part Number Generic PN Package Organization Speed
78016013A QP82S141/B3A 28-Pin LCC 512 x 8 90ns
7801601JA QP82S141/BJA 24-Pin 600-mil DIP    
7801601KA QP82S141/BKA 24-Pin FP    
M38510/20802BJA QP82S141/B3A 24-Pin 600-mil DIP    
M38510/20802BKA QP82S141/BKA 24-Pin FP    
M38510/20904BJA QP82S181/BJA 24-Pin 600-mil DIP 1K x 8  
M38510/20904BKA QP82S181/BKA 24-Pin FP    
M38510/20902BVA QP82S185/BVA 18-Pin 300-mil DIP 2K x 4 125ns
M38510/20902BXA QP82S185/BXA 18-Pin FP    
M38510/20902BYA QP82S185/BYA 18-Pin FP    
M38510/20908BVA QP82S185/BVA 18-Pin 300-mil DIP   90ns  
M38510/20908BYA QP82S185/BYA 18-Pin FP    
M38510/21002B3A QP82S191/B3A 28-Pin LCC 2K x 8 100ns
M38510/21002BJA QP82S191/BJA 24-Pin 600-mil DIP    
M38510/21002BKA QP82S191/BKA 24-Pin FP    
M38510/21002BLA QP82S191/BLA 24-Pin 300-mil DIP    

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