Bionomic Industries, Inc. Awarded WESP Contract to Upgrade Sewerage Sludge Combustion Process in New Jersey

Bionomic Industries, Inc. has been awarded a contract by C&H Industrial, Inc. (Contractor for Stony Brook Sewerage Authority) to design and furnish one WESP HEI(TM) (Wet Electrostatic Precipitator) to act as an emission polishing device before final gas treatment in a Durr regenerative afterburner. The new WESP will be installed downstream of existing venturi and tray scrubber units. The WESP is designed to remove PM 2.5 sub-micron particulates and heavy metals from a municipal sludge combustion unit.

This new WESP will handle a gas volume of 15,500 acfm at saturated conditions. The cleaned outlet gases will leave the WESP at 0.0008 grains/dry standard cubic feet, or at a removal collection efficiency in excess of 98%. Materials of construction for this unit is type 316L stainless steel on all wetted parts and surfaces.

The Bionomic Industries, Inc. HEI (High Energy Ionizer) WESP was selected based upon both experience and proven track record. Some of the key features of the HEI WESP are its compact design utilizing hexagonal shaped collecting tubes, a unique outlet gas reverse elbow to eliminate mist carryover without the use of packing or internal devices, outboard high voltage insulator compartments to support but isolate the insulators from the gas stream being treated, its closed-coupled high frequency power supply minimizing the high voltage conductor runs, and the down-flow gas direction which assists in rinsing the collected materials from the collecting tube surfaces. The collecting tubes and internals are periodically flushed of collected particulate from the bottom sump main drain.

Chavond-Barry Engineering Corporation provided the preliminary design and formal specifications for this project. The installation is expected to be completed and ready for start-up at the end of 2008.


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