Bio-Identification System Detects Unknown Pathogens

The Plex-ID™ Rapid Microbial Screening and Identification System is the only highthroughput platform that offers broad identification, detailed genotyping, characterization, and recognition of unknown microorganisms. It is designed to address an unmet need by providing test results in hours, instead of three or more days required with current culture-based methods.

The device uses a combination of molecular technologies, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for gene amplification and time-of-flight mass spectrometry to weigh DNA samples and compare them to a database of known molecular mass profiles. The Plex-ID was recognized by both The Scientist, and the Wall Street Journal as a top scientific innovation in 2009.

Omnica developed the Plex-ID over two years for Ibis Biosciences, a subsidiary of Abbott Molecular. We integrated the client's existing chemistry and developed a custom, patented, and fully automated system. Our group was responsible for the entire project: Concepting, industrial design, mechanical / electronic engineering, software development, design documentation and formal transfer to manufacturing. RD work included circuit design, enclosures, fluid handling and systems integration. We also built and prototyped the engineering, test, and demontration units.

Ibis Biosciences Plex-ID™

• Identifies bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa

• High throughput with 96 well microplates

• Innovative and patented carousel-type desalter

• Electrospray ionization time of flight mass spectrometry

• Aluminum structure and RIM-molded panels

• Fully automated, free-standing instrument

Plex-ID DNA Desalting System

The desalter is an efficient single carousel-type system that automatically desalts and purifies fluid samples containing amplified DNA.

The desalting mechanism consists of a microplate stacker, carousel, and fluidics gantry. The patented process mixes and binds amplified DNA to magnetic beads, which are then sequentially washed and separated before elution of the bound DNA. A dual probe electrospray ionization (ESI) system delivers the purified sample for analysis in the time-of-flight mass spectrometer.

• Ten minute high-throughput cleaning process supplies purified DNA samples for analysis every 30 seconds.

• Parallel processing in a minimum space.

• Controlled with a multi-drop CAN-bus

• Fully automated with a built-in error recovery system

• Simple architecture runs without a PC

• A virtual instrument was developed to test, verify, and optimize the programming sequence.

Cuvettes and Spin Mixers

The cuvettes (mixing tubes) and spin mixer motors automatically clean and separate magnetic beads from amplified DNA samples.

• Each cuvette has a spin mixer motor and a pair of high-density magnets.

• Non-disposible cuvettes are cleaned at the end each complete cycle.

• Ten minute rinse-spin-extraction cycle

• 22 cuvettes each have a dedicated controller.

• Patented process and mechanism

• Logic and firmware developed by Omnica.

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