Binks LEL(TM) Equipment Offers Significant Savings in Maintenance and Parts

Popularity of Systems Extends to Atypical Industry Applications

September 2006, Glendale Heights - The Binks LEL(TM) (Low Emission Laminators) gel coat systems are recognized as one of the most cost-efficient and highest quality MACT-compliant cast polymer application technologies available today. Known primarily for highly controlled and environmentally friendly cultured marble applications, the Binks LEL gel coaters and choppers are now gaining popularity in other industries, where maximum resin transfer at lower velocity spray is critical for performance and durability.

In recent months, these systems have provided dramatic and documented savings for leading suppliers of the wind turbine and watercraft industries:

The world's leading supplier of wind turbine blades was experiencing double-digit sales growth, and needed updated gel-coating methods to speed up production and help meet demand. They began replacing high-pressure airless gel coating equipment with Binks LEL External Mix Systems and Air Atomized Gel Coat Outfits; which resulted in:

o Gel coating time was cut from 45 minutes to 24 minutes per part.
o Gel coat material costs were cut by 25%
o Spare parts usage decreased by approximately 30% due, in part, to fewer moving parts within the Binks LEL system.

A major supplier of watercraft for the marine industry was devoting full-time manhours to maintenance on its AA gel coaters. Maintenance costs on guns and pumps were averaging over $100,000 per year, interrupting ongoing operations and detracting from maintenance in other areas of production. The company installed Binks LEL gel coaters and heaters, accompanied by elevators, air-operated mixers and hose systems. This new configuration and the reliability of the Binks LEL equipment has virtually eliminated the need for full-time maintenance on the guns and pumps, saving the company more than $100,000 in maintenance costs:

o Prior to the Binks LEL equipment installation, the company's repair rate averaged $30,000 annually. Since installing the Binks equipment, the company has spent $1,200 per year in maintenance labor --- for a savings of 96%.
o Prior to the Binks equipment installation, the company's average price to repair failing guns and pumps totaled $80,000 per year in parts costs. Since installing the Binks LEL equipment, the company has spent approximately $4,500 per year in parts replacement costs on the guns and pumps - for a savings of 94%.
o Savings in maintenance and replacement part costs have resulted in a total annual savings of over $100,000 for three years running.

Binks pioneered the development of liquid spray finishing technology over 100 years ago and continues to set the standards for industrial spray finishing. For further information about the Binks LEL Gel Coat Systems or other Binks spray finishing or fluid delivery products, please call Customer Service at 800.992.4657 or visit the Binks website at

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