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Big Data Storage Software expands cloud access.

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Jun 04, 2012 - EMC® Atmos® Cloud platform transforms how Big Data is managed in globally distributed cloud storage environments. Segmentation and security features enable separation of management and data traffic for users and administrators, while Atmos Event Manager provides alerting and aggregated logging at system, data center, and node level, delivering near real-time visibility into overall system performance. Atmos Cloud Accelerators facilitate movement of data in and out of Atmos-powered clouds.

Original Press Release

EMC Atmos Transforms Big Data Storage by Simplifying Global Scale and Expanding Cloud Access

Press release date: May 21, 2012

Securely Manage a 100 Petabyte Cloud with 50% Performance Improvements and New Cloud Accelerators


News Highlights:

-- EMC today announced new EMC® Atmos® enhancements that deliver breakthroughs in simplifying the way service providers and enterprises manage large, globally distributed environments.
-- Manage 100 PB cloud as a single system across distributed sites; greater than 50 percent faster performance for large objects; 3x improved system visibility with expanded monitoring for globally distributed storage environments; 90 percent reduced upgrade time - with no service disruption.
-- New Atmos Cloud Accelerators provide new methods of simplifying cloud adoption and transform service provider and enterprise cloud access by making it easier for end users, developers, and applications to use an Atmos-based cloud. Cloud Accelerators enable users to work in their native environment, expand functionality for developers, and make it easier to move traditional applications to the cloud.

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Full Story:

At EMC World 2012, EMC (NYSE: EMC) today announced a suite of enhancements to the EMC Atmos Cloud platform that transform the way service providers and enterprises manage Big Data in large, globally-distributed cloud storage environments. EMC also announced new Atmos Cloud Accelerators that make it even easier and faster to move data in and out of Atmos-powered clouds.

Each Atmos storage cloud provides hundreds of thousands of subscribers with access to their data from around the globe, from any device at anytime. With over 40 global service providers in more than 70 locations, Atmos-powered clouds are leading the industry in creating a global, easily accessible storage footprint.

According to the 451 Group, the public cloud storage services market will grow to almost $6 billion by 2015 with a CAGR of 47% (1). As cloud adoption accelerates, service providers and enterprises are facing a host of new challenges in the way they scale and manage their cloud storage operations. The onslaught of mobile device use, application development and rise of Big Data and public cloud use bring additional requirements for value added services and rapid global cloud access. Unlike competing platforms, EMC Atmos delivers the on-demand scale, access and broad functionality needed to keep service providers and enterprises ahead of these rapidly evolving requirements, speeding the adoption of cloud and helping customers realize the objectives behind their cloud deployments.

New Product Highlights:

Global Scale:

-- New networking enhancements improve performance, availability and security. These capabilities deliver greater than 50 percent faster read and write performance for large objects. New segmentation and security features provide the ability to separate management and data traffic for users and administrators.
-- New Atmos Event Manager improves system visibility by 3x and provides enhanced alerting and aggregated logging at the system, data center and node level while providing near real-time visibility into overall system activity and performance. Historical monitoring information has been expanded to now include visibility at the year, week and hour level.
-- New upgrade technology speeds node upgrades in globally distributed environments by 90 percent and enables businesses to remain 100 percent accessible with greatly reduced maintenance windows. Non -disruptive service upgrade capabilities are essential for enterprises and service providers whose businesses are open around the clock.

Cloud Accelerators:

-- End users have new options to access an Atmos cloud from their native environment. The suite of web access tools is expanded to include Google Chrome and HTML5 and complement the existing Firefox browser tool. Atmos GeoDrive for Windows is now internationalized to support worldwide languages for end users.
-- Developers have a new set of capabilities in the Atmos API to rapidly deliver new functionality in their applications. These include secure single-use access for anonymous users, capacity management APIs to enable quotas, and the ability to set the identifier for an Atmos object. The Atmos Software Development Kit (SDK) is expanded to include Google Android support.
-- Traditional applications have new tools and capabilities to move their content into a cloud environment. Customers with Centera® integrated applications can carry forward their rich set of Centera metadata into any Atmos cloud and apply Atmos data lifecycle policies based on this metadata. AtmosSync, a new open source migration tool, accelerates migration of file system content to the cloud.

New EMC Atmos product enhancements are expected to be available in the second half of 2012.

Customer Quote:

Chris Patterson, Vice President Product Management, Navisite

"NaviSite selected EMC Atmos to power its new NaviCloud Intelligent Storage platform which enables enterprises to store, manage and protect distributed, unstructured content at scale. EMC Atmos provided the complete solution that enabled us to rapidly deliver a host of scalable and secure cloud services to market."

Analyst Quote:

Simon Robinson, Research Vice President, 451 Research

"One of the major trends we are seeing in the market is that scalable object storage is starting to go mainstream, driving the need for enterprises and service providers to be more agile in the way they integrate it into their existing IT environment. EMC Atmos provides the management, security and control tools necessary to make it easier to scale and set up new services quickly. In addition, we are seeing mobile devices become more and more prevalent as application development moves to the cloud. Scalable object storage is increasingly being considered as part of the underlying infrastructure as it is often a better fit to manage the demands of scale, performance and access requirements."

EMC Executive Quote:

Mike Feinberg, General Manager and Senior Vice President, EMC Cloud Infrastructure Group

"Rapid cloud adoption and Big Data are driving exponentially greater consumption of cloud storage. As service providers and enterprises scale their infrastructures to keep pace, they face numerous challenges in managing ever larger, globally distributed cloud environments. With today's announcements, EMC demonstrates that the Atmos Cloud Platform can scale massively, while making it simple for our service provider and enterprise customers to manage their expanding cloud environments."

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(1) 451 Research, Market Monitor Snapshot: Storage-as-a-Service, April 2, 2012

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