BI Software employs Web 2.0 metadata technologies.

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Featuring interactive Web 2.0 interface based on AJAX framework, Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite v3 Professional Edition combines dynamic HTML with other technologies that deliver ability to mash-up business intelligence features to provide seamless, cross-application, browser-based experience. Data source metadata layer and query generation engine provide managed point-and-click ad-hoc data access to business users through business views.

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Jaspersoft v3 Marks Major Milestone for Commercial Open Source Business Intelligence

New Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite v3 delivers full enterprise functionality and employs Web 2.0 and metadata technologies to deliver easy BI for everyone

SAN FRANCISCO, June 18 /-- Jaspersoft Corporation, the market leader in open source business intelligence (BI), today announced the availability of its new Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite v3 Professional Edition. Jaspersoft v3 marks a major milestone for open source business intelligence software by providing rich enterprise-class functionality delivered through state-of-the-art interactive Web 2.0 interfaces.

Jaspersoft v3 delivers on the promise of business intelligence for everyone by using Web 2.0 technologies coupled with advanced metadata functionality. While many pundits speculate about how to deliver BI to the masses, Jaspersoft has translated that speculation into real product features that include an interactive Web 2.0 interface based on an AJAX framework, dynamic HTML, and other technologies that deliver the ability to mash-up business intelligence features to provide a seamless, cross-application, browser-based experience.

Business users have begun using Web 2.0 functionalities at all levels within the enterprise and have an increasing need to access and integrate data from more sources than ever before. Jaspersoft v3 makes it easy for anyone to build and update dashboards in real-time, drag and drop information from multiple locations, and build queries and reports with the click of a mouse.

"Combining the power of our open source community with some terrific internal innovation, we've been able to quickly advance the Jaspersoft platform into a robust business intelligence suite that today serves enterprise customers with remarkable functionality and superior value," said Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. "We expect Jaspersoft v3 to transform the market for BI solutions and dramatically expand Jaspersoft's position as the most widely deployed BI software in the world."

Jaspersoft v3 extends the ad-hoc, report-building capabilities of the existing Jaspersoft suite with powerful ad-hoc query building for business users. Also, Jaspersoft v3 can be embedded into any Web application, providing the opportunity to easily create Web-based mash-ups and allowing customers to extend BI functionality to every area of their organization. Jaspersoft v3 is data source-independent and includes significant enhancements for abstracting data sources via a rich new metadata layer, along with Web 2.0-based graphical metadata management tools for data base administrators and IT personnel.

Early customer reaction has been positive. "The new dashboard and domains features of JasperServer v3 represent a significant advancement for the business intelligence platform. We take advantage of these tools to allow decision makers to better understand the options in reducing their company's carbon footprint using our CarbonView solution," said Jay Baker, director of product architecture at Supply Chain Consulting LLC.

"Jaspersoft has taken a substantial step forward with its v3 product," said Dan Vesset, vice president business analytics research, IDC. "By addressing the needs of both business end users and developers, this release represents a strong advancement in features and functionality that brings Jaspersoft from what IDC has termed 'good enough' BI to a robust solution for organizations of all sizes. The commercial open source model adopted by Jaspersoft has clearly had a positive impact on accelerating the company's software development cycles."

Specific new features available in Jaspersoft v3 include:

-- a fully interactive browser-based interface built on Ajax, Dynamic HTML and other Web 2.0 technologies that provide interactive drag-and-drop functionality for non-technical business users. This rivals the usability and responsiveness of traditional desktop applications and can be integrated with, or embedded in, existing Web-based applications;

-- an ad-hoc dashboard builder uses Web 2.0 technology to create "twinkling," or self-refreshing key performance indicator gauges, to be read at a glance and updated in near real-time and the ability to create mash-up dashboards referencing external content;

-- a new data source metadata layer and query generation engine, which provides managed point & click ad-hoc data access to business users through easy to understand business views;

-- a Web-based business view metadata designer for IT personnel and administrators;

-- an enhanced repository manager that delivers even simpler ease-of-use for business users and administrators; and

-- further enhanced enterprise-class security and internationalization, as well as simplified application lifecycle support.

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"Open source software vendors continue to tighten the screws by offering more advanced functionality found in leading BI toolkits," says Wayne Eckerson, director, TDWI Research. "In its latest version, Jaspersoft greatly improves its ad-hoc query and reporting functionality by adding a semantic layer and enriched user interface, among other things, that will increase its appeal among power users."

"Unisys selected Jaspersoft as an open source business intelligence partner after our internal tests showed that the Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite delivered true enterprise scalability," said Anthony Gold, vice president & general manager, Open Source Business, Unisys. "Now with v3, Jaspersoft is delivering a major boost in functionality that meets the needs of the market even more."

Availability and Licensing

All products are immediately available directly from Jaspersoft and through authorized resellers. Products in the Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite are available individually or as an integrated suite that uses common metadata and shared security, repository, and scheduling services. The Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite Professional Edition is licensed on a per CPU basis. Licensing is also available for independent software vendors (ISVs) and OEMs who want to embed Jaspersoft products. Community open source editions are freely available for download at .

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Jaspersoft offers the most widely used open source business intelligence software in the world, with more than 3 million downloads worldwide and more than 8,000 commercial customers in 96 countries. The Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite includes products for production reporting, operational reporting, dashboard-driven end-user query & reporting, data analysis, and data integration for use with either stand-alone or embedded business intelligence applications. Jaspersoft is based in San Francisco and is backed by leading venture capital firms Morgenthaler Ventures, DCM, Partech International, Scale Venture Partners and SAP Ventures. More information is available at and

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