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Combining power of social networking with relevant results, Panorama Necto offers self-service BI solution that tracks interests of individual users, and suggests other users who are looking for similar data insights. Optimized relevancy is accomplished through One Click Insights, which pinpoint issues, and Cause and Effect, which automatically identifies causes of issues. Analytics are automatically performed to suggest exceptions and see positive or negative trends.

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Panorama Software Debuts Its Next Gen BI Solution - Necto

First BI solution to bring social media, relevancy and automated insights to the enterprise arena, enabling massive efficiency gains

TORONTO, -- Panorama Software, a leading innovator in Business Intelligence, presents its newest product - Panorama Necto, the industry's first socially-enabled BI solution. Necto connects users with data and insights in ways never before seen in an enterprise environment. It reflects the consumer world of Web 2.0 communications that is highly social, relevant, self-service, user-centirc, and able to flexibly evolve to meet demands.

Panorama is the first company to take the consumer model of social media to an enterprise, providing a new way to accomplish business tasks that embraces the broader social networking phenomenon. Necto combines the power of social networking with relevant results. It tracks the interests of individual users, and suggests other users who are looking for similar data insights.

"Necto truly is the next leap forward in enterprise BI, which harnesses the power of collective intelligence to accomplish business goals," said Eynav Azarya, CEO of Panorama Software. "The solution utilizes the very best social networking components of consumer-facing Web 2.0 sites. Through Necto, individuals and teams can now tackle business issues proactively, as it presents only the most relevant insights."

Necto is the first business intelligence solution to provide users with the power of contextual discovery instead of just simple search. Enhanced relevancy is accomplished through Necto's "One Click Insights" which pinpoint issues, and its "Cause and Effect" which automatically identifies the causes of these issues. Users no longer have to sort through mounds of superfluous data in the hopes of finding one or two insights. Necto does the work, providing true relevancy while saving time and resources.

Necto offers users a self-service BI solution that allows a broad expansion of their unique business insights. The intuitive and powerful interface allows users to quickly create custom views and reports for tailored analysis. User confidence in the system and analysis grows exponentially with time, both as a result of the self-service capabilities, as well as the ability to learn from the experience of others. This is why Necto drastically reduces dependence on IT for report generation and data mining, allowing them to focus more on infrastructure and deployment issues.

"Necto offers three core attributes for users including social intelligence, relevancy and self-service," said Rony Ross, Chairperson and Founder of Panorama Software. "Each attribute works in tandem with the other to provide exceptionally deep insights and a rapid growth of useful corporate intellectual property. Our solution embraces the power of the group and the individual at the same time, and enables a seamless blending of information and learning across business units."

Users can perform a range of activities through Necto that enable greater business insights. Analytics are automatically performed to suggest exceptions and see positive or negative trends. Users can perform smart reporting that offers executive management-level reporting with just a few clicks. Users can also create collaborative workboards and visual presentations to provide better context for ad hoc business teams. All of these capabilities are backed by an intelligent BI engine that can scale to meet the needs of tens of thousands of users handling massive amounts of data.

"Panorama has been a long term partner of Microsoft, delivering BI solutions for the Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010. These innovations add great value to our partners' products," said Kim Akers, general manager for Global ISV partners at Microsoft Corp. "Necto will be one of the first socially enabled BI solutions to work on slate and be interoperable with the Windows Azure and Microsoft next SQL Server release 'Denali' platforms while supporting both OLAP and BISM modes."

Current customers of Panorama's industry-leading NovaView BI solution can easily migrate to the Panorama Necto platform to immediately begin using its social capabilities. For more information, visit

About Panorama Software:

Panorama Software empowers individuals and global organizations with the ability to rapidly analyze data, identify trends, maximize business opportunities and improve corporate performance and results through a complete SaaS and on-premise BI solution.

Panorama Necto(TM) is the industry's first socially-enabled Business Intelligence solution that offers a new way to connect data, insights, and people in the organization. The patent-pending solution represents a new generation of BI that enables enterprises to leverage the power of Social Intelligence to gain insights more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater relevancy.

Founded in 1993, Panorama is a leading innovator in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Multidimensional Expressions (MDX). Panorama sold its OLAP technology to Microsoft Corporation in 1996; the technology was rebranded as SQL Server(TM) Analysis Services and integrated into the SQL Server(TM) platform. Panorama supports over 1,600 customers worldwide in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, telecommunications and life sciences. Panorama has a wide eco-system of partners in 30 countries, and maintains offices throughout North America, EMEA and Asia. Visit our website to learn more about Panorama's Business Intelligence Solutions.

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