Beveler has compact, ergonomic design.

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For emission-free beveling, TKF 1100 produces oxide-free, clean K, V, X, or Y edges. Portable power tool features quick-release tool changer, tool-less sheet thickness adjustment, and dial-selectable beveled edge height. Bevel angle of 30°, 37.5°, or 45° is changed using guide bracket options. Tool can remove 0.35 in. beveled edge of steel or 0.43 in. of steel in one cutting stroke on sheets up to 0.98 in. thick. Cutting direction can be changed in seconds.

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TRUMPF Introduces the TKF 1100, a New Compact, Flexible and Precise Beveller

FARMINGTON, Conn., February 8, 2005 - TRUMPF has designed and introduced a new beveller, the TKF 1100. This latest addition to TRUMPF's range of portable power tools unites flexibility and economy with precise and emission-free bevelling.

With the TRUMPF TKF 1100, an operator can remove a 0.35 inch beveled edge of high-grade steel or 0.43 inches of steel in a single cutting stroke on sheets up to 0.98 inches thick. This model is designed to produce consistently perfect oxide-free and clean K, V, X or Y edges, even in stainless steel.

As a result of its compact and ergonomic design, the new beveller is extremely versatile. The cutting direction can be changed in a matter of seconds. Curved edges with tight radii starting at 1.57 inches, internal profiles as well as tubes with an internal diameter starting at 3.15 inches are no problem for the TKF 1100.

The TKF 1100 is distinguished by its easy set-up and variable bevel height, says Tony Mirisola product manager for the TRUMPF Power Tool Division. "The light weight as well as the compact design allows simple and ergonomic handling, also for continuous use."

The TRUMPF TKF 1100 is equipped a quick-release tool changer and sheet thickness adjustment is accomplished without the use of additional tools.. The required bevelled edge height is selected on a dial and the bevel angle of 30 degrees, 37.5 degrees or 45 degrees is changed by using different guide bracket options. If the punching tool is worn, it can be re-sharpened repeatedly up to 0.39 inches.

"Using the compact beveller is very easy thanks to its ergonomic grip that ensures the tool is exceptionally well balanced," adds Mirisola. "As a result, it can be used in both horizontally or vertically without any undue effort."

The motor used in the TKF 1100 outputs 1,600 watts and is equipped with a high quality two-stage planetary gear set that ensures consistent power distribution while allowing the overall design to remain compact.

For the cutting of tensile strength materials, the beveller can be specified with an optional speed regulator that optimizes cutting speed to suit the material being cut. Another benefit of this option is extended tool life.

For more information on the N 700-2 or other TRUMPF portable power tools, please contact Tony Mirisola product manager for the TRUMPF Power Tool Division at 860-674-8226 or

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