Bevel Head provides cuts for 3 and 5 axis applications.

Press Release Summary:

Waterjet Bevel Head is for use with Vision NT CNC Windows(R)-based cutting machine controller. It allows for contour or straightedge beveling in flat-sheet material at any angle from -90 to +90 deg A-axis and -360 to +360 deg C-axis rotation. Bevel head features 0.005 in. total TIR at nozzle tip, 0.1 deg accuracy per axis, and 0.05 total repeatability per axis.

Original Press Release:

ESAB Cutting Systems Announces the Waterjet Bevel Head

Florence, SC - ESAB Cutting Systems announces the release of its Waterjet Bevel Head for use with the ESAB Vision NT CNC Windows®-based cutting machine controller. The new Waterjet Bevel Head allows for high quality waterjet contour or straightedge bevel cuts for 3 and 5 axis applications at an affordable price.

ESAB's Vision NT CNC precisely controls AC digital drives providing 360°/minute rotation speeds for fast and precise bevel transitions. The bevel cutting head allows for beveling in flat sheet material at any angle from -90 to +90 deg A-axis, and -360 to +360 deg C-axis rotation. These ranges also provide maximum contour beveling flexibility for 5-axis applications.

The Waterjet Bevel Head includes initial height sensing for piercing and the following features:

- .005" total TIR at the nozzle tip

- .1° (360 arc seconds) accuracy (per axis)

- .05° (180 arc seconds) total repeatability (per axis)

- Z-axis non-programmable (3 axis) or programmable (5 axis) lift and carriage

- Optional Process Vision System providing remote monitoring of the cut process.

- Optional Alignment Vision System providing automatic tool alignment.

Machines offering the waterjet beveling feature include ESAB's Hydrocut High Rail providing 3 or 5 axis bevel cutting with cut area up to and including 12' x 12'. Alternately, the Hydrocut LR3 gantry system offers 3-axis waterjet bevel cutting for flat
plate cut areas exceeding a 12'x 12' work envelope.

ESAB Cutting Systems, based in Florence, South Carolina, produces mechanized plasma, oxyfuel, laser and waterjet cutting equipment for virtually every requirement, from custom fabrication shops to large production operations.

For more information, contact ESAB Cutting Systems at 843-664-4394.

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