Bevel Edge Flat Auger Solves a Flexible Screw Conveyor Problem

A major Mid-West Manufacturer of Dispersions used in the rubber and plastic industry had an existing Flexible Screw Conveyor Model 1450 that was experiencing significant auger breakage when conveying Calcium Oxide. They contacted Tech3 Manufacturing for a solution.

Since Calcium Oxide has the following characteristics:
1. Packs under pressure
2. Aerates and becomes fluid
3. Hygroscopic

Tech3 Manufacturing recommended using a heavy duty bevel edge flat auger in-lieu of the existing round wire auger. The bevel edge auger works better because it significantly reduces the friction between the outer diameter of the auger and the inner diameter of the UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Plastic) casing. In addition it doubles the output capacity as compare to the round wire auger.

The specifications of this newly developed auger are as follows:
1. Outer Diameter = 3-9/16 inches
2. Inner Diameter = 1-3/8 inches
3. Pitch = 2-3/4 inches
4. Material of Construction: 304 stainless steel
5. Thickness: ¼ inches
6. Face: 1-1/8 inches

Now this Mid-West Manufacturers enjoys lower maintenance cost and increased production. Tech3 Manufacturing are specialists in providing solutions to Flexible Screw Problems and by providing high quality and low cost augers or spirals and plastic casings for all Flexible Screw Conveyor makes and models.

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