Beta Max Helps Restore Historic Guardian Building in Detroit

Industry Leader Beta Max delivers equipment lifting solutions to local Detroit construction Company Tools/Sache, LLC for restoration of the giant historical skyscraper known as "The Guardian Building".

Detroit, Michigan's giant historical skyscraper "The Guardian", gets facelift with state of the art lifting equipment from national industry giant Beta Max Hoists.
Local Detroit Company Tools/Sache LLC enlisted the help and use of Beta Max in its recent restoration project of the historical downtown skyscraper giant known today as "The Guardian Building". Built in 1928 by architect Wirt C. Rowland of Smith, and located in the heart of downtown Detroit, this 36 floor landmark represented the finest of its time and has been described as one of the most exuberant art deco skyscrapers built in America.

The footprint of this historical monument encompasses a full city block and sits on a granite base. The building also includes a north tower and smaller octagonal south tower that are connected with a nave-like block as those used in the plans of a cathedral, and in fact, was promoted as the Cathedral of Finance. The Grisold Street entrance is crowned with a semi-dome that is lined with custom symbolic tiles by Mary Chase Stratton's Pewabic Pottery of Detroit.

No expense was spared to create this stunning and unconventional monument to the roaring twenties. The interiors are lavishly constructed with Italian Travertine marble and Numidian African marble. Its rich grandeur continued to include interiors with stained glass, ornate mosaics and hand painted murals. The National Park Service has bestowed the Guardian building as a National Historic Landmark, the highest honor given by the National Park Service. Preservation and restoration of the building required equipment that would stand up to the challenge, deliver equipment, and remove debris in a safe and expedient manner.

During renovation and restoration of the building, it was necessary to find a safe, secure, and portable means of transporting and lifting both man and materials. Detroit construction company Tooles/Saches LLC turned to Beta Max Hoists for help.
The complex architecture and construction of the building presented many specific challenges during the restoration project. Tooles/Saches purchased the Max Climber 3300. The Max Climber 3300 has one of the largest platform sizes in the industry and provided an efficient, simple, and safe means of removing debris and elevating equipment and materials throughout the duration of the project.

In addition to the hoist, Tooles/Saches worked with Beta Max to engineer and accommodate several roller tables that were set up on each floor of the building. The tables made laborious heavy work a lighter safer job cutting down on time and minimizing injury. Some of the features of the equipment used made the Max Climber and invaluable jobsite partner.

Materials were fork-lifted onto the elevator platform which delivered materials and removed debris from over 16 floors spread across a 32 story range with an impressive speed of 70' ft. per minute. The Max Climber hoist system stopped precisely at each floor using landing sensors that ensured accurate deliveries every time.

Safety is at the forefront of every detail in the Max Climber's design. The 3300lb. capacity lift includes overload sensors that alert the operator as soon as payload capacity is reached, and is outfitted with saloon style doors for easy loading, and all Beta Max equipment meets and/or exceeds ANSI and OSHA requirements.

It is without a doubt that timely completion and safety of the crew during the restoration of The Guardian Building is attributed to the superior quality and servicing of Beta Max Hoists, and its team of expert professionals.

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