Beswick Miniature Adapter Fittings. Imperial (UNF & NPT) to Metric Adapters. Over 80 Part Numbers

If you are involved in the design of high technology products you know that markets have become global. Most likely you are attempting to specify metric threaded components to better serve this global market. Often that is more difficult than it initially appears.

Many critical components continue to be offered only with imperial (UNF or NPT) threads. For this reason, adapter fittings have become essential to the design of next generation products.

With this in mind, Beswick has developed a series of miniature adapter fittings. These leak-tight adapters allow the connection of metric threaded components as well as pipe (NPT) threaded components to imperial (UNF) threaded components. A few of these are listed below:

10-32 External to M5 Internal- (P.N. MEB-10M5-1)

10-32 or M5 Internal to M3 External - (P.N. MFA-M3 series)

10-32 External to M3 Internal - (P.N. MFA-10M3-303)

10-32 Internal to M6 External - (P.N. MFA-M610 series)

10-32 Internal to M5 Internal - (P.N. MF-M5M5 series)

M5 External to 10-32 Internal Elbow - Adjustable Position - (P.N. M5LS-10)

M6 External to 10-32 Internal Elbow - Adjustable Position - (P.N. M6LS-10)

M3 Internal to M5 External - (P.N. MFA-M5M3-303)

M3 External to M5 External Union - (P.N. MN-M3M5-303)

M3 External Universal Union - (P.N. M3UN-303)

M3 External to M3 Internal Extension - (P.N. M3EB-303)

Beswick adapter fittings are relatively simple components however they are invaluable to OEM design engineers who must find a way to adapt Imperial/English/UNF/NPT threaded components to metric threaded components.

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