Best-in-Class Seat Components and Flexible Architecture Enable Johnson Controls to Deliver High Value to Customers

DETROIT, Jan. 10 /-- Global auto manufacturers are requesting best-in-class components for their vehicle seat systems, and Johnson Controls is delivering a variety of outstanding products to meet this need, including the MS seat structure and the Gemini Track. The supplier's global product portfolio includes a seat architecture and components that were developed using a systems approach, offering many benefits for automakers.

The Johnson Controls MS seat structure is a product that meets global specifications, offers a flexible open architecture, and will be integrated into future vehicles for eight automakers around the world. It addresses customer needs for a global product that meets increasing performance, mass and cost expectations. The flexible, open architecture can reduce tooling and engineering investments, and decrease the time required to go from development to market. Employing a systems approach guarantees that product content and manufacturing processes can be compatible with customers' vehicles produced throughout the world. The MS seat structure has been sold to eight major automakers, and will be included in 28 vehicle programs covering a total of eight vehicle segments and four regions of the world.

Automakers can select from Johnson Controls' portfolio of world-class components -- including Gemini seat tracks, vertical lifts, recliners and frames -- to design seats using the MS architecture. Such complete seat systems can be tailored specifically for various vehicle segments and programs anywhere in the world. In addition, Johnson Controls' investments in the latest manufacturing process technologies -- such as roll-forming, laser- welding, one-piece flow -- contribute to overall quality and value in its complete seating products.

Gemini manual and power seat tracks from Johnson Controls provide smooth, quiet and easy operation, and can be integrated into the MS seat structure. The tracks were developed using the company's Product Design for Six Sigma (PDfSS) process, and are targeted to have the best overall performance of seat track systems available today worldwide. Johnson Controls' global supply base for Gemini tracks ensures affordability and flexibility for its customers. The Gemini tracks also provide packaging flexibility -- via an open architecture -- that includes both manual and power track alternatives. Johnson Controls has sold both manual and power Gemini seat tracks for 20 model-year 2007/2008 vehicles to be produced by eight major automakers.

"Johnson Controls can provide auto manufacturers with master-planned architectures in combination with a family of best-in-class components that are designed to meet global specifications and allow for cost-effective, market-flexible applications," said Jeff Williams, group vice president and general manager, product planning group for Johnson Controls. "We're delivering the best-in-class seating and value sought by our customers through component and systems excellence."

Complete seats from Johnson Controls' developed with the MS architecture and components also provide opportunities for enhanced quality, craftsmanship and master-planned features. Standard interfaces for trim and plastic that are designed into the MS structure promote outstanding quality and craftsmanship for the complete seat. Packaging criteria with proven clearances are integrated to ensure static and dynamic comfort. Johnson Controls is also able to maximize flexibility and reuse across the full vehicle spectrum using the company's master seat trim outline capability. A modular design approach permits master planning in which active headrests, anti-submarining features and suspension options can be included in the seating products to meet customer needs.

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