Best Choice Industrial Gigabit Switch HMG-628G Chosen by State Surveillance in Jordan

Taipei, Taiwan - Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, pioneers the Industrial switch technology by offering Full Gigabit Managed Switch with 6 port 10/100/1000T and 2 SFP ports, making it the best choice for Gigabit deployment in Jordan state security & surveillance application.

Jordan is a country in Southwest Asia spanning the southern part of the Syrian Desert down to the Gulf of Aqaba. Observation and video monitoring systems are ubiquitous, and surveillance is a growing market in Jordan. Surveillance is needed especially in government infrastructures to provide safety and security in the society. This integration of video surveillance with other systems and functions such as cameras, access control, digital video recorders, alarm systems, etc. will improve the safety and security in public premises as well as provide future-proof installations using Ethernet networks.

State surveillance can be configured to increase protection in priority areas that require situational awareness. An Ethernet network enables a flexible, real time and highly manageable solution. The cost-effective solution of installing an industrial Ethernet network with the highest performance tightens security and improves operating efficiency simultaneously.

Designed using industry standards, HMG-628G protect your existing network investments by providing compatibility with 10, 100 and 1000Mbps devices. The pluggable SFP Mini-GBIC gives you the flexibility to mix and match fiber interfaces depending on your existing network structure. Web browser, SNMP, Telnet, CLI and menu driven management can remotely configure the wide range temperature combo managed industrial switch. HMG-628G offers excellent management features with advanced security. To secure your network, the IP security function support 10 IP address accounts for system management security for Web, SNMP and Telnet management security to prevent intruder. Boasting advanced management features, HMG-628G supports Dual Homing & Ring Coupling. The blazing speed and optimum performance of HMG-628G has been deployed in numerous security & surveillance applications involving transportation and building automation. This switch delivers power, performance and reliability to increase the speed of the network and migration to Gigabit era a reality in Industrial applications.

Major features of Industrial Gigabit Managed Switch HMG-628G

o Operational Simplicity & Flexible Port Density

o Investment Protection

o Superb Hardware Design

o Redundancy & Secured Performance

o Advanced Management Features

o Remote Access & Network Management

o Secured Network

Product Information

Model	             Description
HME-628G 6 10/100/1000TX + 2 port Gigabit copper / SFP Managed industrial switch
SFP-SXLC SFP 850nm Multimode transceiver
SFP-LX-LC-10 SFP 1310nm Single mode transceiver, 10 km
SFP-LHX-LC-40 SFP 1550nm Single mode transceiver, 40 km
SFP-ZX-LC-80 SFP 1550nm Single mode transceiver, 80 km

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