Bert-Co Celebrates Paper Packaging Council Awards 2015

Ontario, CA – Bert-Co, a manufacturer of custom folding cartons and specialty packaging, has been awarded Folding Carton of the Year for the following:

Packaging – Folding Carton Category

GlamGlow FlashMud

"Dynamic and striking, this folding carton entices consumers at first sight with its distinctive "X" shape, bright orange printing, and the look of an upscale rigid box. Picking up the pack, consumers feel its luxurious soft touch coating and notice the glimmer of its fine detail foil stamping. At home, after removing the lid, they're delighted to see the signature "hello sexy" panel, under which the product is inset into even more coated, foil stamped board. Providing an immersive brand experience from store shelf to unboxing and beyond, this carton clearly demonstrates paperboard's limitless marketing capabilities—it's a pack you simply can't put down." - PPC Judges

Bert-Co was founded in 1930 by Berton P. Couturier. The first print shop was located on Broadway Street in the heart of Downtown  Los Angeles. Early work included printing matchbook covers and travel brochures with letterpress equipment. Later work included imprinting the center labels for vinyl records and eventually record jackets for many major record labels. In the 1960's, Bert -Co had the distinction of printing the first record jacket printed in the U.S. for The Beatles. In the 1980's, Bert-Co became well known to software and computer gaming systems such as Atari. In the mid 2000's Bert-Co expanded eastward with an additional plant located in Pulaski, TN, and opened a China sourcing office producing high-end packaging.

Bert-Co continues to evolve into new avenues including specialty packaging to many luxury markets, including beauty, distilled b everage, gourmet food and entertainment. Bert-Co excels at unusual coatings, unique substrates, and sophisticated structures.


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