Bending Concrete into Furniture by SureCrete

Fast curing and bendable precast concrete mix design

SureCrete Design now ranks #1 on Google and YouTube with their innovative bending concrete video. The product used is Xtreme Series Countertop and it is a cementitious composite that combines fast curing and production turnaround. The result is the strongest, most flexible and most versatile precast concrete product available.

Xtreme Series Countertop ushers in the New Age of Concrete. Blending cement with lightweight aggregates and reinforcing fibers, SureCrete Design has developed one of the greatest innovations in concrete manufacturing. This micromechanically designed composite has a compressive strength of over 10,500 PSI and allows the precaster to demold in as little as 6 hours.

The advantages of Xtreme Series Countertop to both architects and precasters are numerous. Now architects can design larger more intricate pieces due to the unparalleled strength and flexibility of this material. Reduction of total materials used along with a ZERO VOC mix design is ideal for environmentally friendly projects.

SureCrete is a company long recognized for their relentless research, development and testing of advanced building materials. The new Xtreme Series Countertop is a breakthrough in cementitious composites and brings brings concrete into the 21st century.

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