Belt Conveyors feature efficiency-optimized drives.

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Available in 7 widths from 45–250 mm and max length up to 10 m, TB30 Conveyors offer transport speed up to 27 m/min and can carry loads up to 100 kg. Conveyor drive can be moved from end to middle of unit, and vice versa, without changing belt. TB40 Conveyors, offered in 6 widths from 300–800 mm and lengths from 1–6 m, are driven by 24 V motor which supports transfer of loads up to 80 kg. Diverter rollers with 60 mm diameter and drive roller with 73 mm diameter allow use of cleated belts.

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New Conveyors from Montech: Efficient and User-friendly

(Derendingen) The new conveyors TB30 and TB40 from Montech AG are more user-friendly and efficient than the previous models, as a result of their flexibility and drive unit.

Montech’s new TB30 and TB40 conveyors have efficiency-optimized drives and, compared to previous conveyors, are more efficient, offering higher power density with lower energy consumption. With the same chassis width, the belt has a wider useful surface; the belt can be easily and quickly replaced.

TB30: universal conveyor for individual requirements

The new conveyors TB30 can be equipped with head or central drive; the conveyor drive can be moved from the end to the middle of the unit, and vice versa, without changing the belt. When changing from head to central drive, you only need to add a diverter roller. With transport speed up to 27 m/min, the conveyors can carry loads up to 100 kg. The conveyors TB30 are available in seven different widths from 45 to 250 mm and maximum length up to 10 meters. Longer versions as well as higher speeds can be requested, according to Montech.

TB40: compact with 24 V motor

Montech offers the new conveyors TB40 in six different widths from 300 to 800 mm and lengths between 1 and 6 meters. The TB40 model is very compact as a result of the motor incorporated into the drive shaft. It is driver by a 24 V motor which allows to carry up to 80 kg.

The diverter rollers with 60 mm diameter and the drive roller with 73 mm diameter allow to use cleated belts. Start/stop, feed direction and speed can be selected via a digital/analog input, while over-temperature and readiness signals are transmitted through a digital output.

More user friendly and more efficient

“Compared to previous models, the new conveyors are more user-friendly through their flexibility and more efficient thanks to their drive,” said Gianluca Aloisi, Director Sales at Montech. In addition, they have an attractive pricing and Montech offers three-year warranty, excluding wear parts.

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Montech AG

Montech AG markets basic modular components for the automation of demanding transport, assembly and production processes. In addition to conventional conveyor belts, the product range includes automation components and the Quick-Set profile system. A specialist in standard and customized transport and conveyor systems, Montech offers an ideal combination of customer-specific solutions with a high degree of standardization. Founded in 1964, the company is based in Switzerland and stands for innovation in the automation industry.

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