Belt-Alignment Switches feature staggered contacts.

Press Release Summary:

Belt-alignment switches in ZS 73 SR series have staggered contacts. If belt skews slightly, 1st of 2 contacts will trigger transmission of optical or acoustic warning signal and, if belt skews more, 2nd contact will automatically be actuated, stopping belt or triggering belt correction function. Switching element is protected by metal enclosure, and 1.4104 stainless steel belt-alignment roller is corrosion- and chemical-resistant. Product is available with pushbutton or key release options.

Original Press Release:

New Variant with Staggered Contacts: Belt-Alignment Switch with Advance Warning Function

Belt-alignment switches are integrated in many bulk goods conveyors as important and easy-to-install monitoring systems. A roller connected to a switch sweeps the conveyor belt. If the conveyor belt is off-track, the roller will be moved sideways, actuating the switching element of the alignment switch. A warning signal can then be transmitted to a control room, for example; or the belt can be switched off, the damage caused to a conveyor system by skewing being considerable.

Our ZS 73 SR series of belt-alignment switches fulfils this task reliably, even in rough conditions. A metal enclosure protects the switching element from mechanical influences, while the belt-alignment roller, made of 1.4104 stainless steel, is resistant to both corrosion and chemicals. Users can already choose between push-button or key release options, and at the Hanover Fair 2009 steute will be presenting another new variant: now the ZS 73 SR is also available with staggered contacts.

In practice this means: if the belt skews just slightly, the belt-alignment switch will be actuated at a first level. The first of two contacts will be triggered, causing, for example, an optical or acoustic warning signal to be transmitted. If the belt operator does nothing and the belt skews more, the second contact will automatically be actuated, taking a direct effect on the belt controls. Either the belt will be brought to a standstill or the second contact will trigger a belt correction function, returning the belt to its correct central position on the drive and deflector rollers.

By using the ZS 73 SR with staggered contacts, operators of conveyor systems can thus prevent downtime periods and guarantee that their systems remain deployable. The belt-alignment switch can be integrated flexibly within the peripheral construction. We also have a version for explosive areas - the EEx ZS 73 SR. This is necessary because in the right dust-to-air ratio organic dust can be explosive. Whenever animal feed, grain or basic materials for the foodprocessing industry have to be conveyed, there is thus always a risk of explosion, and the switching devices used must be certified accordingly.

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