Belmont Metals' "Green " Efforts in Recycling

Belmont Metals offers a greater variety of non ferrous metal compositions and shapes than any other U.S. manufacturer. Our capability to manufacture custom and unusual alloy products and shapes will remain a major sales theme, together with our diversified inventory of high purity metals and alloys. We can produce small prototype (research) quantities, yet remain committed to our traditions of high quality, manufacturing flexibility and on-time shipments, serving both domestic and international markets. More and more companies and consumers are demanding that products are manufactured with a certain percentage of recycled content. This content can be found through manufacturing programs that use post-industrial and post-consumer material.

Although Belmont Metals manufactures products from virgin materials, it has the expertise to convert these post-industrial metals, as defined in ISO 14021, into suitable alloys for a variety of industries. These alloys are then converted into components or finished goods by other manufacturers and the use of the recycled metal, such as copper, becomes seamless to the end user.

"Post-consumer materials" have served their end use at the consumer level and have been discarded by the consumer. Without a recycling program set up by communities and industries, the material would enter the waste stream. These recyclable metals include copper flashing, copper pipes & fittings, copper wire and even obsolete inventory. Adhering to manufacturing specifications, such as those outlined by the Copper Development Association (CDA), allows these post-consumer materials to be converted into new raw materials for industry.

Belmont Metals is committed to looking for additional ways to make a difference to the environment. While our company will continue to offer alloys that help sustain the planet's resources, our "green" efforts will also extend beyond recycled metals. For example, the company's latest generation of computer software and hardware will help reduce the need for paper documents. This is just one of the ways that we can be proactive in a greener manufacturing process.

We are the oldest and most varied American producer of low melting alloys, non ferrous metal compositions and shapes. No other single source provider can offer this variety and, therefore, such unbiased metallurgical advice. Product groups include casting alloys, master alloys, degasifiers, deoxidizers, hardeners, solders, brazing alloys, Miter-Al-Braze Rod, binder alloys, low-melt alloys, cathodic anodes, plating anodes, wire specialties, and chemical-use metals. Metals and alloys include aluminum, beryllium, bismuth, brass, bronze, copper, indium, lead, magnesium, manganese, nickel, pewter, tin, zinc, and many others.

Belmont also provides additional benefits, including speedy deliveries, extending valuable technical data and applications assistance, and providing current price and market information.

Feel free to contact us by phone, fax or e-mail to discuss your particular requirements, including inquiries about custom products not listed in our Site. Detailed product data sheets are available on request, as are bulletins on selected applications topics.

Call the experts at Belmont Metals today at 718-342-4900 or fax your application requirements to 718-342-0175. Visit us at We showcase a product bulletin that features articles for all your alloy metals.

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