Belden Releases New Lumberg Automation(TM) Modular Power Distribution Connection System - PowerCINCH(TM) for Industrial Machinery Applications

RICHMOND, IN - Belden (NYSE: BDC), a world leader in the development of signal transmission products for the industrial, enterprise, building management, broadcast, and security markets, introduces the new Lumberg Automation(TM) modular power distribution and motor control connection system for machinery applications - PowerCINCH(TM).

In cooperation with the National Electric Code®, the National Fire and Protection Association made major revisions to NFPA-79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery in 2002, which opened the door to a practical alternative to hard-wired power distribution and motor control within industrial machinery and coordination of multiple machines.

The PowerCINCH(TM) product line is a pluggable quick-disconnect modular wiring system comprising of factory applied connectors over-molded onto cable to provide 25A feeder and 15A branch power distribution circuits up to 600 V AC and includes a series of cordsets, t-taps, in-line reducers, receptacles, locking clips and closure caps. This new system brings a flexible, yet cost effective power routing and sourcing alternative to machine builders, system integrators and users of industrial machines by capitalizing on the changes to the NFPA-79 standard.


At the heart of the PowerCINCH(TM) system are the rugged trunk and drop cordsets. This includes: Over molded trunk cables for feeder circuits up to 25A, 600V AC and drop cables for branch circuits up to 15A, 600V AC. The cables are dual-rated (STOOW and TC/ER) and provide for the installation of a trunk/feeder line along the machines structure or by daisy-chaining multiple machines and providing drops/branches for convenient access as required.

T-Taps and Reducers

No matter the complexity of the machine or motor control system design, Tees and Reducers provide the flexibility for modular wiring design. Combining Tees and Drop Connectors provide the connection of field devices via a branch connection, while Tees with a trunk connector split the main feeder circuit into sub-segments. The PowerCINCH(TM) system provides multiple keying options to differentiate circuits on trunk feeder lines.


Receptacles offer a quick-connect interface to the device or cabinet and are well suited for installation on motors and drives to serve as a termination point.

Locking Clips

Reusable Locking Clips snap over the outside of the Trunk/Feeder or Drop/Branch connection point, providing a sense of security to the connection points within the PowerCINCH(TM) wiring system.

Closure Caps

For unused connection/stop points, closure caps are used to maintain the sealing integrity of the system, while providing the flexibility for system expansion.

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For more information on the Lumberg Automation PowerCINCH(TM) on-machine power distribution and connection system request New Product Bulletin #307. Or, contact Lumberg Automation, A BELDEN BRAND, 1540 Orchard Drive, Chambersburg, PA 17201, 1.719.217.2299, Fax: 719.217.2279.


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