Beach Erosion Solution Sees Pilot U.S. Installation

After many years of investigation, research and development Granger Plastics Company has a pilot installation of its revolutionary Sandsaver product. The Sandsaver is a natural solution to beach erosion. The Sandsaver is a rotationally molded polyethylene module which both reduces erosion and builds beach at the same time. This practically indestructible part can be used over and over again to rebuild eroding beaches, can be installed permanently for ongoing beach renourishment or can be relocated to nourish multiple sites.

Granger Plastics offers an environmentally friendly option that actually builds beaches back while discouraging erosion and eliminates the need for costly fossil fuel burning vessels. From the decades of research have gone into creating The Sandsaver, a product braced to revolutionize the way the World maintains its coastlines. Granger Plastics outlines the research behind this product and the impact it could potentially have on endangered coastlines on

For years Granger Plastics has been battling resistance, extortion efforts and the political red tape of permitting agencies. In May of 2011 the first Sandsaver modules were installed on sand starved beaches of Arcadia on Lake Michigan. This installation will be monitored by a third party over the next three years.

After numerous attempts to renourish the beaches of Lake Michigan and a yearlong permitting process the Sandsaver modules were allowed to be installed. The install was completed in approximately two days. After only 96 hours the Sandsaver modules had already begun showing signs of effectively rebuilding the beach.

Granger Plastics Company welcomes inquiries from other areas suffering from beach erosion or paying for renourishment methods that are not working. The Sandsaver has great potential to work in many areas where other erosion control methods have failed or only provided very costly temporary solutions. Please visit or for additional information.

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