BEA Ships Tuxedo 9.0: Product Designed to Help Set Application Environments on the Path to Service-Oriented Architecture

New Edition of BEA Ultra High-End Product Designed to Bring SOA Support, Improved Integration and Security

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 18 -- BEA Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:BEAS), a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software, today announced the general availability of BEA Tuxedo(R) 9.0, the latest version of the company's software product for high transaction processing. Applications running on BEA Tuxedo form the backbone of some of the world's leading companies running some of the largest, mission-critical transaction processing systems -- including wire transfers, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), and telecommunications billing systems. Leveraging open standards, BEA Tuxedo 9.0 is designed to help customers build new and repurpose legacy applications and extend them to a service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA is an approach to software application development designed to transform business applications into "services" -- specific pieces of functionality -- which can be combined and reused, helping IT organizations more closely align to business processes.

"From telecommunications to financial services, airlines to retail -- many of the world's most complex and demanding IT operations rely on BEA Tuxedo for high-powered transaction processing," said Wai Wong, executive vice president, products, BEA Systems. "With the release of BEA Tuxedo 9.0, BEA is expanding beyond its traditional excellence in Transaction Processing Management (TPM) adding advanced features and functionalities designed to enable enterprises to focus on better serving their customers by leveraging legacy and mainframe assets and extending them to SOA."

"BEA Tuxedo has a strong presence in companies where mission critical applications, transaction integrity and quality of service are of paramount importance," said Shawn Willett, principal analyst, Current Analysis Inc., "Now BEA is leading its Tuxedo-based applications into the world of service-oriented architectures at a pace that these customers are comfortable with and where there is minimal disruption to these important applications."

BEA Tuxedo is the leading Transaction Processing Monitor (TPM) designed to run C, COBOL, C++ and CORBA C++ software applications across distributed, heterogeneous computing environments. Tuxedo is designed to support ultra high-end applications -- applications that run more than 5,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS) with more than 10,000 concurrent users. Applications running on Tuxedo can range from customer-service, business-critical applications such as reservation systems to back-office processes such as human resources (HR) and finance. With thousands of blue-chip customers, BEA is powering some of the world's highest-volume, transactional applications that people interact with every day -- every time a phone call is made; a credit card is processed; a package is shipped; an airline ticket is purchased; and funds are wired between banks.

New Features and Functionalities Designed to Help Increase Extensibility, Improve Security and Improve Quality of Service (QoS)

New features designed to help increase extensibility and SOA support include:

-- Tighter integration with BEA WebLogic Server(R) via the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector that provides bi-directional, peer-to-peer, cross-platform interoperability with complete transaction and security propagation for data integrity

-- Integration with BEA AquaLogic Service Bus(TM), (formerly code named Quicksilver), the first product of its type to unify Enterprise Service Bus and Web Services management capabilities

-- Better support of Extensible Markup Language (XML), including update Xerces parser, XML to FML transformation services

-- BEA has started to build a framework for supporting Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services stacks

-- Tuxedo Service Metadata Repository designed to provide Tuxedo application developers and administrators the ability to store and retrieve detailed services parameter information on any or all Tuxedo application services

New features designed to improve security include:

-- Security plug-ins supporting Kerberos for single-single sign on (SSO), and CERT-C Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with support for digital signatures. These enhancements provide standards based support for SSO and data protection and non-repudiation (hacking)

New features designed to increase Quality of Service (QoS) include:

-- Performance enhancements such as multithreaded domain gateway designed to help increase the throughput of WebLogic Tuxedo Connector and the Quality of Service (QoS) of existing applications. These new performance enhancements can provide customers the ability to handle increased volume of transactions, so companies can build applications today that can scale for the future.

BEA Customers Rely on Tuxedo for Mission-Critical Business Operations

The BEA beta program for Tuxedo 9.0 has several participants worldwide including Fujitsu Limited, NEC Corporation, Nihon Unisys, Ltd., and Oki Electric Industry Co.,Ltd.

The head of technology at China UnionPay, a Chinese government shareholding company established through capital contributions by more than 80 domestic financial institutions that recently built a unified, national bankcard management system designed to help streamline authorization and payment processing on BEA Tuxedo said: "BEA Tuxedo was selected for its high performance messaging, distributed transaction processing, and superior manageability capabilities; BEA Tuxedo helped enable China UnionPay avoid an expensive and time-consuming mainframe migration, and helped manage operational costs while leveraging the existing application infrastructures, with a minimal disruption to productivity. We have been very pleased with the BEA Tuxedo architecture-and we look forward to evaluating Tuxedo 9.0"

Pricing and Availability

BEA Tuxedo 9.0 is available today. For pricing information, please contact your local BEA sales representative.

For more information about BEA Tuxedo, please visit:

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BEA Systems, Inc. is a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software, providing standards-based platforms to accelerate the secure flow of information and services. BEA product lines -- WebLogic(R), Tuxedo(R), and the new AquaLogic(TM) family of Service Infrastructure -- help customers reduce IT complexity and successfully deploy Service-Oriented Architectures to improve business agility and efficiency. For more information please visit

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