Be Here Corporation Announces TotalView - the First VoIP Collaboration Phone - at DEMOfall

First Integrated Voice, Video and Data Phone Enables the Three Million VoIP-Converted Conference Tables in the Enterprise

DEMOfall Booth #61, SAN DIEGO and FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 25 -- Be Here Corporation, the pioneer in immersive optics and imaging, today announced at DEMOfall 2006 the beta version of TotalView, the first VoIP Collaboration Phone with full-room video. TotalView is the next essential business tool, delivering a view of the entire conference room that provides a natural experience as if all locations are sitting around the same conference table. Designed for multi-location meetings of three to four people in each location, TotalView delivers voice, video and data in a simple appliance that sits at the center of the conference table. Leveraging the enterprise's VoIP investment, TotalView replaces the conference room speaker phone with a single integrated device. Each person can connect their laptop to TotalView and individually control their camera view as well as the data they see and share, separately from the other meeting attendees. TotalView can be experienced live at DEMOfall 2006 Conference in San Diego, CA, September 25 - 27 at booth #61.

"Large studies we conducted in 2005 and 2006 resulted in two key findings. The first was that over 90% of all meetings in the enterprise are small, between two to six people, and there is intense interaction between members. The second key finding showed that the most common meetings include one or two remote sites," said David Coleman, managing director of Collaborative Strategies. "TotalView is the first collaboration appliance we have seen that deals with all media types in a small conference room and has the power and flexibility to support small meetings."

Today there are already 30 million VoIP-enabled phone lines in the North American enterprise. One out of every ten of these lines goes to a small conference room or table in an executive's office -- where a speaker phone is typically in use today and where small, ad hoc meetings lie at the heart of enterprise productivity. TotalView empowers users at these conference tables and eliminates the need for expensive, cumbersome video conferencing systems, resource scheduling, call bridges, and additional data sharing technologies.

Key features of TotalView include:

o Full Room Video -- TotalView's patented 360° camera captures the entire conference room delivering a natural "at-the-table" experience.

o Individual View Control -- TotalView enables each attendee to individually navigate their camera view on their desktop, ensuring that each user sees what is most important to them.

o Instant Data Collaboration -- TotalView allows on-demand viewing and sharing of any application from presentations, to spreadsheets, to industry leading collaborative services.

"The opportunity for the VoIP Collaboration Phone is here today. Every major provider in this industry has made a substantial commitment to visual communications," said Stephen Von Rump, president and CEO of Be Here Corporation. "Users have significant capabilities now at the desktop and in the large conference room, but a huge gap exists at the average working person's conference table, and that is the venue TotalView addresses."

Pricing and Availability

TotalView is scheduled to ship early next year and will sell for $1,995. To request an invitation to join the TotalView beta program please visit us at

About Be Here Corporation

Be Here® totally changes the way we work in multi-location meetings. The company's VoIP collaboration phone is poised to become the preferred device on the enterprise conference room table, combining an integrated 360-degree panoramic view that captures the entire room in full motion video for both local and remote sites, with audio conferencing and data sharing. Each participant "customizes" what they see, hear and share, delivering the confidence and simplicity to accomplish more in meetings. The company is privately held and led by a seasoned and experienced management team from industry leaders such as internetMCI, Mitel, Nortel, Polycom and VTEL. Be Here offers the next essential business tool that transforms the way people meet across multiple locations, and puts individuals in control of their meetings. For more information, please visit

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