BC Engineering and Design now State of the Art Technology for to Enable Facility Imaging

As-built Plant Documentation - BC Engineering and Design has the latest technology to document your facility quickly and accurately in 3D point cloud scans.

Using a FARO® Laser Scanner, engineers can develop 3D scans and images which can be imported into 3D CAD programs. An accurate virtual model can be made to show current equip-ment, piping, and structural arrangements. If modifications are planned, the virtual model can be modified to show the planned modifications.  Plan and elevation views, section cuts can be quickly developed for design and planning.

Imagine documenting the entire facility to within 2mm accuracy in a matter of hours instead of days or even longer!

Laser Scanning can also be used for insurance and forensic documentation.

By combining Laser scanning with a FARO® Laser Tracker, BC Engineering and Design can document equip-ment, piping, pump couplings, etc., to within 0.001".


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