BBF.247 Conformance Testbed supports standard, user-made test-cases.

Press Release Summary:

For GPON-ONU certification of BroadBand Forum's (BBF) BBF.247 program, MT2 testbed uses one OLT emulator (eOLT-GPON), independent of any chipset or commercial OMCI stack, to ensure neutrality. Passive Continuous Real-Time analyzer for GPON signals, NIVA-GPON analyzer, is used separately for impartial monitoring. Testbed generates and analyzes PLOAM, OMCI, GEM, and Ethernet messages according to BBF.247 tests, and verdict is automatically given according to test-case criteria.

Original Press Release:

MT2 Announces a New Version of its BBF.247 Conformance Testbed

The Testbed Chosen by the Official BBF.247 ONU Certification Laboratories

TOURNON, France --

MT2, well known for its broadband test and monitoring solutions, introduces a new version of the testbed used for the GPON-ONU certification recently announced by the BroadBand Forum (BBF) during the BBWF exhibition in Paris at the end of September 2011.

This testbed is used by the officially selected Independent Tests Laboratories (ITL) for the BBF.247 program beta phase. The partnership of MT2 with these ITLs places clearly MT2 as the leader company in GPON conformance testing with a solution perfectly tuned with the BBF.247 program.

The MT2 testbed is using one OLT emulator (eOLT-GPON), independent of any chipset or commercial OMCI stack thus offering a total neutrality. The well known NIVA-GPON analyzer is used separately for a true and impartial monitoring. NIVA-GPON analyzer is the first and only Passive Continuous Real-Time analyzer for GPON signals. It is important to mention the independence of the analyzer compared to the emulator, guaranteeing an objective arbitration on PASS/FAIL criteria.

The testbed generates and analyzes PLOAM, OMCI, GEM and Ethernet messages in accordance with the different BBF.247 tests. The verdict is automatically given according to the test-cases criteria. The MT2 tool offers a complete easy-to-use functionality to create new tests as well at physical layer (GTC level) or PLOAM, OMCI, Ethernet layers.

Complete automation of a set of test-cases (BBF.247 or user made) is natively included thus saving time in performing and verifying ONU conformance tests.

MT2 is an active BroadBand Forum (BBF) member and is deeply involved in the BBF.247 program. The new version of BBF.247 testbed is immediately available and included in upgrades for the testbeds in service since the beginning of 2011 (chipset and ONU manufacturers, Telcos, ITLs, ...).

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