Battery Simulator is available in PXI format.

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Capable of simulating battery supplying power to hand held and portable electronic devices in manufacturing test, module 41-750 supplies 2.8 A at voltages up to 6 V. Self-contained product draws its power source from PXI backplane, and occupies one slot of 3U PXI chassis. It features transient load response, fully programmable output voltage, and capability to sink current.

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Pickering Interfaces Introduces New PXI-based Battery Simulator

Clacton on Sea, UK - February 22nd, -Pickering Interfaces is expanding its line of PXI modules with the introduction of the world's first battery simulator in the PXI format. The new module, the 41-750, is capable of simulating a battery supplying power to hand held and portable electronic devices in manufacturing test.

The module can supply 2.8 A at voltages up to 6 V to a load remote from the module. It offers an extremely fast transient load response of typically better than 10 us in when providing power to devices such as mobile phones 2 meters away from the module. The 41-750 output voltage is fully programmable, and just like a battery can be set to sink current as well as source current. Providing the capability to sink current ensures that the 41-750 can work with battery chargers operating with the device under test.

A monitor port allows the output voltage and current for the 41-750 to be conveniently measured with any voltage reading DMM, such as the Pickering 41-200. A single DMM can be used to measure multiple battery simulators thanks to a built in switching system that allows monitor ports to be simply daisy chained together.

The 41-750 is self contained, it draws its power source from the PXI backplane, and occupies just one slot of a 3U PXI chassis. Multiple devices can be mounted in a single chassis, permitting a PXI test system to simulate both a battery and an attached charger source.

Test systems using PXI RF modules from companies such as Aeroflex can now include a battery simulator in a PXI format for the first time. Bill Burrows of Aeroflex commented "The 41-750, when combined with our RF products, enables a fully integrated PXI based solution for mobile phone and RF device testing to be realized."

The 41-750 is an important addition to the range of PXI modules available to users and integrators testing portable electronic devices.

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Pickering Interfaces is a market innovator in signal switching and conditioning for a broad range of applications and architectures. With the largest range of switching cards in the industry for both PXI and LXI, Pickering Interfaces has provided solutions to both commercial and military applications. In addition, Pickering's range of instrumentation provides innovative test solutions to users and integrators of modular test systems.

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