Battery Maintenance System helps prevent dead batteries.

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PowerPulse(R) electronic device uses battery's own energy to help prevent sulfation buildup and related problems, extending battery life and maintaining peak efficiency. Using ReNew-IT Pulse Technology, it collects small amount of energy from battery, reconditions it and returns it to battery as pulsating dc current. This current re-energizes and removes lead sulfate deposits from plates and then returns them to battery acid as active electrolyte.

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PowerPulse(R) Ensures Motive Battery Performance By Eliminating Main Cause of Battery Problems and Failure

Dallas, TX - Finally, there is a solution to one of the most frustrating and costly problems of using material-handling equipment: Dead batteries. Presenting the PowerPulse® Battery Maintenance System from PulseTech Products Corporation.

"PowerPulse is a natural addition to our truly unique battery maintenance line," states Scott Schilling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PulseTech. "No matter what type of warehouse and industrial equipment you operate - lift trucks, scissor lifts, etc. - PowerPulse is something you need. It ensures peak battery performance by helping prevent dead batteries, extend battery life dramatically and maintain peak battery efficiency. It also provides greater charge acceptance so batteries recharge faster and with better quality."

Developed in the Dallas area, PowerPulse is the first and only one of its kind in the world. It is not a battery charger. It is a proven, patented electronic device that uses the battery's own energy to help prevent the main cause of battery failure - sulfation buildup and related problems. Sulfation buildup occurs as lead sulfates form on the battery plates during the normal charge/discharge cycles. During this process, some of the sulfates enlarge to the point where they will not accept energy so they stay on the plates. Over time these sulfates can build up to the point where battery efficiency is reduced and the battery dies.

"The sulfation buildup process is a natural by-product of battery operation," adds Schilling. "Sooner or later - usually sooner - it will kill your battery. But not anymore, because PowerPulse will end sulfation buildup and related problems for good."

PowerPulse is small, weatherproof and easy to install. Using an patented breakthrough called ReNew-IT Pulse Technology, it collects a small amount of energy from the battery, reconditions it and then returns it to the battery as a pulsating dc current. This current re-energizes and removes the lead sulfate deposits from the plates, then returns them to the battery acid as active electrolyte. When installed permanently, PowerPulse will also keep them from building up again. With the plates clean, PowerPulse keeps the battery operating at peak efficiency.

What makes our pulse technology so unique - and so effective - is the distinct "pulse waveform" that defines it. This waveform has a strictly controlled rise time, pulse width, frequency, and amplitude of current and voltage pulse. No other battery maintenance system in the world has this specific patented waveform which means no other system can provide the same exceptional benefits as PowerPulse and the other PulseTech products.

Because it keeps batteries' in peak condition, the PowerPulse system helps reduce battery-related downtime, maintenance and costs. It even helps protect the environment. Since batteries last longer, there will be less contamination of battery leads and sulfuric acid dumped from prematurely discarded batteries.

The PowerPulse system can also be used together with an existing charging system. In fact, it will work even faster and stronger. This means batteries can be both charged and desulfated at the same time. Plus, because batteries charge faster and work better, they won't get as hot so they will take less time to cool down between work shifts.

Now you can spend more time on the go and less time suffering from dead batteries with the PowerPulse Battery Maintenance System. There is a PowerPulse model for 12, 24, 36 and 48 motive battery systems.

To learn more about PowerPulse and the full line of patented battery-related products available from PulseTech, see your local PulseTech dealer. For the dealer nearest you, just call 1-800-580-7554. Or visit the Internet at

PulseTech Products Corporation is The World Leader In Battery Performance Technology.

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